Engagement Ring Styles

If you are ready to propose (or get proposed to) you might be interested in engagement ring styles. There are many different styles and types to choose from and when making this purchase you want to make sure you choose the rest ring available, don't you? It's not all about money, beauty is important too! Here is your crash course of various styles of engagement rings today!


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Engagement Ring Styles - Three Stone Engagement Rings (Past, Present and Future Rings)

As far as  Engagement Ring Styles  go this may be one of the most popular. The ring has three diamonds to it, one large one in the middle with two smaller ones on each side. Jewelers call this popular ring a past, present and future band and each stone has a meaning to it. The left stone represents the couple's past. The middle diamond represents their present and the final diamond (right) represents their future together.

Engagement Ring Styles - Solitaire Engagement Rings

Even if the Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring is  not the current most popular type among modern engagement ring styles, it is probably the most popular ever. You really can't go wrong with a solitaire engagement ring. They are stunning and timeless. There really is nothing more traditional than this type of ring. Compared to the eternity bands they are usually a cheaper choice but still quite beautiful and stunning. 

Engagement Ring Styles - The Bridal Set

The bridal set  is a nice style of ring to choose. It is an engagement ring and wedding band that match one another and fit together like a beautiful puzzle. Some of these styles even have a matching groom's wedding band as well. This is a pretty economical purchase, and it is perfect for any woman who is planning to wear both the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band together once you are wed. 

Engagement Ring Styles - Pave Diamond Rings

Pave Diamond Rings are very stylish and popular these days. A pave ring actually looks like the ring is paved with diamonds, instead of the typical types of metal you are used to seeing as the band. The result is stunning, but expensive. Of course the quality of the individual stones will greatly affect the cost of the overall ring.

Engagement Ring Styles - Cocktail Engagement Rings

Cocktail engagement rings usually look oversized, and quite expensive. The large diamond in this ring is at least 2 carts, but quite possibly more. There are usually smaller diamonds surrounding the large stone as well. 

Engagement Ring Styles - Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage Engagement Rings are rings that were produced or manufactured before 1950. The styles of these rings may include colored diamonds or other gems, or have intricate designs on the bands. If these rings are already in circulation and not new you could get one for a cheaper price that a new or modern engagement rings. 

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