Country Wedding Ideas - Find Inspiration For a Rustic Wedding

Get ideas for country wedding ideas like wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, stationery and decorations.

Are you looking for country wedding ideas? Country wedding ideas and country weddings are a very popular wedding theme these days. If you want a rustic wedding that displays country roots and a love of a simple life, go for it! Get ideas for the perfect country wedding today.


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Country Wedding Ideas Inspiration Board

Let's start our ideas by looking at some super cute photo collages with tons of different ideas and decorations you can do simply! Some of our favorite ideas in the photos below include rustic floral arrangements and bouquets, beautifl but unique wedding stationery, country bridal gowns and serving rustic down-home desserts like apple pie at your wedding!

country wedding ideas inspiration boardCountry wedding ideas inspiration board

How Country do you want your wedding? The below collage has two photos. There is a basic wooden house or structure that is decorated with flowers and other floral elements. This photo also shows individual flowers tied onto a wagon wheel.

Farm and country wedding ideas photo collageFarm and country wedding ideas photo collage

Although many country weddings feature a white and brown aesthetic, that does not mean you can not bring in some pink to soften the look up. Some of our favorite ideas in the photo collage below include pink flowers in rustic flower pots and vases, a gorgeous pink wedding bouquet and brown cowbow boots adorned with pink flowers.

Pink and Brown Country Wedding inspirational Photo CollagePink and Brown Country Wedding inspirational Photo Collage

Country Wedding Ideas - Wedding Invitations

One of the first things you might want to look for to incorporate country wedding ideas into your wedding are the wedding invitations! Below you will see 4 different country wedding invitations that I choose to share. The first two are floral wedding invitations (And they are designed by me!).  If floral is not your thing, I am also sharing two other beautiful wedding invitations for country weddings. One of them features a cute burlap and lace design. The other one is a beautiful country and string light wedding invitation!

Country Wedding Ideas - Wedding Dresses

The next thing you will want to shop for is the wedding dress. There are many different styles of country wedding dresses that you can choose from. Below you will see 4 different country wedding gowns that have completely different styles; however, each of these gowns will fit right in at a country wedding. 

The first dress is a beautiful scoop-neck gown with cap sleeves and an abundance of ruffles. This is a beautiful gown for photos, dancing and feeling like a princess for the day.

The second country wedding dress we choose has many lace accents and a court train. 

The third gown also has a court train. This is a lace v-neck wedding dress with appliques. It is country chic. 

The final gown we are showing you also has lace, a v-neck and a court train, but it is also form fitting and elegant. 

Country Wedding Ideas - Bridesmaid Dresses

When having a country wedding, you will want the bridesmaid dresses to match the overall theme. Typically, when looking at a bridesmaid dress, like the ones below, they will usually come in multiple colors. Which means if you like the style but not the color, you should still check it out because it might also be available in your wedding color.

We choose two short and two long dresses to show you. The first one is a romantic short cap-sleeved bridesmaid dress. It is shown in a sweet blush pink color. The second dress we choose is long and simple, with a scoop neck white top and a blue skirt. This is a simple but pretty dress that comes in a variety of colors. The third dress we are showing you is also sleeveless, but it is full of pleats and personality. Finally, we choose a nice beige jewel-necked short bridesmaid gown.

All of these dresses would look fabulous at a country wedding, but are different enough that they will meet different style and fashion choices depending on a couples preferences. 

Country Wedding Ideas - Wedding Accessories

When looking for country wedding accessories, there are many different things this category could cover such as hair accessories, and clothing. Let's look at a few different items you might love!

Veils and Tiaras

Veils and Tiaras are the most common headpiece or head decoration that brides choose to wear. The first one we are showing you is a waist-length wedding veil. It is made of 2-tier lace and comes with a comb. It is traditional and pretty.  The second choice is a more modern and Bohemian style, perfect for a country wedding. It has flowers and vines adding to the romantic style of this veil.

Tiaras are also a traditional choice. Many traditional tiaras use the colors of gold, silver and white, highlighting the metals used as well as either the crystals or diamonds that they are adorned with. The first tiara we are showing you in traditional in that sense. The colors are what you would except in a tiara. The second tiara we choose is blue, white and silver. This allows the bride to add a little color and add some modern elements into a traditional headpiece. It is also a great way to add the "something blue," into your wedding if you are doing the whole "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," traditional wedding accessories ritual.

Other Bridal Hair Accessories

If you want hair accessories and headpieces but you are not into traditional accessories, don't worry! There are many modern hair accessories to help you make a statement. The other selections include bridal pins, bridal barrettes, bridal hair combs, bridal hair clips, and bridal headbands.  Let's look at an example of each of these items to see if one of them is right for your country wedding!

The first photo is showing a traditional bridal barrette. This is a great bridal hair accessory for when you are going for a more traditional look or you just want a small accessory.  The second one we are showing (top row) is what you can do with hair pins. If you like the idea of a beautiful crystal, pearl or floral decoration in your hair, but want more control, hair pins are for you. Hair pins are basically accented bobby pins, this allows you to design your own look and feel, making your hair a much more unique experience.

On the other hand, you can just shop for a pretty hair comb that will create whatever look you are going for effortlessly! Check out the only photo in the second row for what a hair comb could look like.

Hair clips, as seen in the third row, are a nice combination between modern and traditional. They are similair to barrettes but they are a little more modern and can be used anywhere on the head. We have choosen these fun and modern oversized white floral hair clips to show to you.  Our final hair accessory is the bridal headband. A bridal headband is an updated, and more casual version of a tiara. 

Country Wedding Ideas - Wedding Flowers

Now that you know what the stationery may be, and what the bride and bridal party will look like - how about the rest of the wedding? In most weddings, flowers play a huge part of the day. What will the flowers in this country wedding look like?  Let's look at some ways to use flowers or they type of flowers you might want to use in your country wedding!

Country Themed Outdoor Decorations

Sometimes, the more unique decorations can just be adding some floral elements to what you already have on hand or at your wedding location. Here are a few examples of that!

Floral Farm Decorations - Floral Bouquet on Farming EquipmentFloral Farm Decorations - Floral Bouquet on Farming Equipment
Green and White Floral Bouquets in Cowboy BootsGreen and White Floral Bouquets in Cowboy Boots

Your Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquets come in many different shapes and styles. You can use any color you want for just about any theme. For the country wedding, we are going to focus on two specific types of wedding bouquet - the romantic bouquet and the rustic bouquet. Look at the two photos below and think if either style speaks to you. Would you carry this bouquet for your wedding?

The Soft, Romantic Bridal BouquetThe Soft, Romantic Bridal Bouquet
The Beautiful But Rustic Bridal BouquetThe Beautiful But Rustic Bridal Bouquet

The Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are a popular addition to wedding ceremonies, especially for weddings that are being held outdoors. Although you see them mostly at the wedding ceremony, many couples are using them as decorate elements in other areas, such as a welcoming archway for the wedding reception.

For country weddings, we have chosen two beautiful arches. The first one is a soft and romantic arch with blush colored flowers. This is a white wedding arch wrapped in soft, pastel colors. The second one is a rustic wedding arch. This bridal arch is using bare wood, a small amount of tulle and a rustic floral arrangement.

Colorful and Romantic Bridal ArchColorful and Romantic Bridal Arch
Rustic Country Bridal ArchRustic Country Bridal Arch

Wedding Backdrops

Wedding Backdrops are a simple way to add a large decorative element to a wedding ceremony or reception. Although there are two different places people typically use a wedding backdrop, you can use them anywhere in your wedding. However, the two most common places you see them are a backdrop behind the wedding alter during the ceremony or as a backdrop behind the head table at the wedding reception. 

A wedding backdrop is a nice, but affordable way to decorate. You do not need alot for this type of wedding decoration. Usually it is made with either fabric or tulle to create a large backdrop. Then it can be decorated with many different items such as flowers (real or silk), greenery, beads or even photos. 

The two backdrops we are showing you both use white fabric as well as pink and white flowers. One of them also uses a little more greenery than the other along with fairy lights behind the backdrop to add some soft lighting. The second one uses beads instead of lighting to add a little additional color.

White Wedding Backdrop With Fairy Lights, Pink Flowers and White FlowersWhite Wedding Backdrop With Fairy Lights, Pink Flowers and White Flowers
White Wedding Backdrop With Pink Hanging Beads, Pink and White FlowersWhite Wedding Backdrop With Pink Hanging Beads, Pink and White Flowers

Wedding Table Decorations

Finally, you can also add a variety of different flowers to the wedding tables to create simple decorations. The type of flowers you choose, including the colors and styles of the centerpieces, can help create the look and feel of a country wedding.

We are showing two different styles for a country wedding. The first wedding table features a simple white and green floral and greenery design. This is perfect for a more minamalist country wedding. If you are looking for more of a lush floral look, the second photo shows large and tall wedding flower centerpieces. This outdoor reception is also decorated with hanging fairy lights - adding to the romantic theme of this wedding.

Simple Green and White Floral Wedding Table DecorationsSimple Green and White Floral Wedding Table Decorations
Romantic and Lush Wedding Table CenterpiecesRomantic and Lush Wedding Table Centerpieces

Country Wedding Ideas - Wedding Decorations

There are many country wedding ceremony and reception decorations you can use. It is not that difficult to find wonderful items to use at your wedding that will fit in with the country theme. Here are some super cute items I found on Amazon.

Country Wedding Decorations For The Wedding Ceremony

Here are a few different decorations for the ceremony. First we have a super cute, but rustic aisle runner. This wedding ceremony aisle runner is made of burlap and lined in lace, making this a beautiful country decoration. It will stand out way more than a traditional white or red aisle runner. I also selected some cute wedding chair decorations. They have artificial eucalyptus greenery and ribbon decorations. Couples can order enough for every chair or choose just to decorate the chairs on the aisle.

Country Wedding Decorations For The Wedding Ceremony or The Wedding Reception

There are some decorations that can be used for either the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception. First, we choose some eucalyptus garland with white flowers. Eucalyptus is a very popular choice for all types of weddings, including country weddings.  This garland can be used for many different decorative items. Some examples include lining the ceremony aisle, decorating the altar, decorating a bridal arch, as a wedding table centerpiece, decorating the head table, or creating a hanging decoration.

Dried pampas grass is another popular choice. This is a tall wedding decoration which makes stunning aisle decorations or wedding centerpieces.

Finally, we choose a wedding sign. Wedding signs can be used at the ceremony or reception. These signs can be placed outdoors, in the entryway or inside the ceremony or reception site.

Country Wedding Decorations For The Wedding Reception

Finally, you will want to choose some decorations to use at the wedding reception. There are many different ways you can add little touches into the reception. Here are some small buy effective ways.

Wedding Reception Signs

A cute country touch would be hanging burlap signs. We have two different hanging flags or signs below. The first one is for the gift table. The second one would be wonderful hung over or behind the head table - centered over the bride and groom. 

Wedding Table Decorations

There are many different ways to decorate wedding tables. Some include the table coverings you use, the plates, silverware, glassware, centerpieces and floral decorations. We have choosen two cute decorations for wedding tables. The first one is gold painted mason jars. These can be filled with florals, stones and pebbles or used to hold a candle. The second decoration are wooden table wedding number holders.

Wedding Food Related Decorations

Finally, we have chosen some food related country wedding decorations. The first one is burlap and lace utensil holders. These will be super cute on the table, it is a small decoration, but one that each one of your guests will see.

The second decoration are an ornate rustic country cake knife and server set. The set is decorated with burlap flowers and lace.

Finally, we choose a simple but dramatic personalized cake topper. It will look great on the cake and in your wedding photography!

There are so many ways that you can add country and rustic elements to your wedding day! I hope you have found tons of country wedding ideas today!