Budget DIY Wedding Ideas

Are you looking for DIY Wedding Ideas? Weddings are the most celebrated of all occasions. According to tradition, there are only three public grand celebrations, Baptism, Wedding and Burial. Out of the three occasions, we are fully aware of our very own wedding. We may spend fortunes to have this occasion grand but that is not a good idea. Saving for the future and for your family is best. If you want great savings without sacrificing the quality and grandeur of your wedding, then, you landed on the right page, the Budget DIY Wedding Ideas. 


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Let us start our DIY wedding Ideas with the bridal dresses. Veils are essentials in wedding ceremonies. The veils, in other customs, are a determinant whether the wedding is simple or grand. Veils when bought in stores are really expensive and the price varies depending on the length and fabric used. 

Shoulder length veils can be brought from $20-$60 while cathedrals and chapel length veils ranges from $60-$300 depending on designs. The fabric used for veils are tulle, organza or other fabrics that are soft and flowing. It will only cost you around $2 per yard. You can cut the fabric into half to create a double veil effect and attached it to a comb. 

Create a unique invitation by doing it yourself. Dress up an envelope, there are a lot of patterns available on the internet where you can pattern the envelope and create your own design for printing. You can even search the internet for good wordings or create your own for some personal touch. 

Flowers has always been part of the ceremony, why not create some flowers by using those creative hands. DIY wedding ideas include a lot of flowers suited for wedding decors or wedding centerpieces. You can create a dozen of flowers made of egg cartons and acrylic paint for $2-$3. A floral tape and cupcake liners can also be adorable flowers. 

You can also make tissue flowers or paper flowers from your origami book. Unleash the creativity in you by creating tin cans into beautiful centerpieces. All you need are paints, patterns, nails to make holes on the can and candles to light. It is one of the most beautiful centerpieces ever and affordable too. 

Wedding favors can also be made by you. From simple postcards to sweet cakes for favors and fancy fans to create, you can choose whatever you like for your wedding

DIY wedding ideas can save you a lot of money. Spend time creating with your fiancé as bonding time. 

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