About Me - Why I Created This Website

I have been happily married since 2002, but planning my wedding was anything but happy. When I was planning my wedding I used to look for wedding ideas, wedding planning info and places to shop online

At the time I could not easily find what I was looking for. I found that the informational wedding sites out there were either very small with limited information or they were very large and difficult to navigate. As far as shopping goes I was able to eventually find some of the things I wanted online (like the wedding favors, bridal shower favors, invitations and some personalized linens for my reception) but it was far from easy. 


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On my pages you will find text links and photo links to amazon products as well as other programs I am an affiliate of. I also use other forms of advertising such as google adsense. 

If you click to add or purchase an item through a link, I might earn a commission.


Now I have two small children and as any mother will tell you, you not only look at what is going on in your children’s life now, but to the future. Someone my children will probably get married and I want to be able to help them plan every little detail. So I decided to start my own wedding website, one which is easy to navigate and has a lot of info for my guests. 

I created the type of website I would want. This website has numerous wedding articles on a wide range of subjects, links to quality online wedding vendors, a free wedding newsletter, the ability to search the site for what you are looking for as well as areas where the guests can share their own opionions. 

I hope you enjoy being at this website as much as I enjoy creating it! 

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