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Are you looking for top honeymoon locations? This is a time when the two of you can bond and spend some quality time together as husband and wife. How important the trip is or what it means to you is not something I, or anyone else, can say. Honeymoons mean different things to different people. Just like weddings, they are very personal. Where you go, what you choose to do, how long it lasts are all questions that are completely up to you. Not sure on your destination? Here are some general ideas to start with. Find a variety of vacations - from the affordable honeymoon to the honeymoon vacation packages and everything in between.


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All-Inclusive Resorts

When looking for top honeymoon spots, inclusive resorts are usually high on the list. Many brides and grooms choose resorts or Package Holidays. All inclusive resorts are very popular for honeymooners and vacationers alike, it can actually become a very affordable honeymoon, considering the fact that you know the majority of your expenses up front. This is a great way to look for honeymoon vacation packages as well. One of the major advantages of using an all-inclusive resort is that you know upfront how much money you will be spending. Most resorts have certain things included such as meals, drinks, gratuities and activities. However if this is what you choose to do be sure to read the fine print as some things may not be included. Drinks may cover wine but not liquor or some activities may be covered but others may have separate fees attached.

Is an all-inclusive resort for you? Well, it may be if you like to be social and participate in various activities. The more active you are the better of a fit this type of trip is. However, if you are more of an independent person who likes to do your own thing an all-inclusive resort may not be the best choice.


Cruises are also very popular. Is a cruise for you though? Well it all depends what you are looking for. If you want to see a little of many different places, and explore many places in a short period of time you may like going on a cruise. However, if you would rather be at one place and feel like you really got to know and love your honeymoon site you may want to stay away from cruises.

Just like resorts there is an upfront fee to pay to be on the cruise but in this case you will also need to have additional money (perhaps a lot of additional money) for gratuities as well as on shore adventures.

Going To The beach

Many people choose to vacation at the beach. It really is not difficult to see why. What is not to love about sun, sand and water? It is not hard to get into moonlight walks on the beach, building sandcastles with your new spouse, reading a book on a lounge chair or basking in the sun for days on end. Beach vacations can be very different from one another. For one thing there are so many beaches at so many locations; you can choose to go many different places. America offers a lot of beaches (especially the beautiful beaches of Hawaii) and then there are tons of other beaches as well. Each place you choose may have their own culture, activities and customs to soak in during the stay. Choosing a huge hotel versus a smaller inn or cabana could also dramatically change your vacation.

Ski Resorts

Maybe sunny and warm vacations are not when you think of when you are talking about top honeymoon spots. If you dont want sun and fun, how about being a ski bunny instead? Going to a ski resort or a secluded cabin near skiing trails may be something you would rather do. Many ski resorts offer ski schools, skiing lessons and a lot of fun activities. If lying around the beach all day and taking moonlight strolls in the sand isnt your cup of tea, how about skiing during the day and snuggling by the fire at night?

Other Options

Familymoon: If either of you has kids (of you have children together) you might want to consider a familymoon which is a honeymoon with the kids. The whole family can celebrate your happy marriage together.

Bed and Breakfast: Going to a little bed and breakfast, especially in a small town where you can spend your days exploring and antiquing, can be very appealing. If you are looking to spend some quality time alone, away from it all including other happy couples and vacationers this may be the ideal choice for you! There are bed and breakfasts in every state so this is the perfect opportunity to go to a state you have always wanted to see or revisit one of your favorites.

Staying Home: Is it possible that when thinking about top honeymoon locations, your house can be on the list? I know, I know, you probably think this trip is about going away somewhere together. Really it is just about the two of you. If you do not have the money for a full honeymoon or really dont want to go anywhere that is fine too! Staying home can be fun. You can go and visit all the places you fell in love at and discover some new places as well. If you did not live together before or you are moving into a new place together staying home could be the perfect honeymoon as you will be able to get to know each others habits and settle in together.

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