Tourist Attractions in Italy

Your One and Only Travel Guide to Italy

Italy is known for its cultural treasures, prominently in the arts. Tourist attractions in Italy make this destination a romantic place to visit. With the museums housing all the treasures of the Italian heritage, landscapes and architecture, plus the chance to dine on world famous Italian restaurants, your honeymoon will be painted permanently in your memories. 


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You don't need to worry if you are not so familiar with Italy, aside from the hospitable, warm people, this article will also serve as your travel guide to Italy. So pack up your things, and make sure you will bring along cameras, as your breath taking romantic getaway should absolutely be captured!

Your Travel Guide To Italy

Still looking for tourist attractions in Italy? There are four most popular cities in Italy, each having a unique attraction as their pride. Most famous Italian cities are Tuscany, Venice, Rome and Florence. Tuscany is an Italian region which has been reviewed around the world and presently one of the best tourist destinations on earth. Popular masterpieces of the world recognized painters, sculptors and architects are treasured in Tuscany. Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarotti and Filippo Brunelleschi are some important pillars of arts who are housed within Tuscany, Italy. 

Have you heard "The Tower of Pisa"? This the bell tower built in one of Pisa's Cathedrals, which becomes very famous because of the "leaning" of the tower on one side when it was being constructed many years before; making it popularly known as "The Leaning Tower of Pisa". Florence is also a great city of arts history that is reach with museums and statues, appreciate the great artworks, architectures and masterpieces. 

Rome is best known attractions are The Colosseum, The Vatican City, Fontana di Trevi and the Spanish Steps. There are lots of astonishing places where entrance fees are collected, yet there are handfuls of free entrance attractions too. Venice, Italy is the top rated among the four cities when it comes to the best destination for honeymoons and romantic getaways. Full of charming places and happy Italians makes the city a unique, welcoming destination. 

Experience the popular gondola ride passing though the canals while an Italian singer humming an Italian song will surely set your mood to spread the love. Italy's love of music is a romantic nature which is deeply hugged in this place. Another unforgettable experience is staying at Cipriani, one of the best hotels in Venice where the hotel provides one staff member per guest; truly a travel guide to Italy comes to life. 

Tourist attractions in Italy are overwhelming with love of arts, music and romance. Planning your Italian honeymoon is the most classical way to start your love story. Create lasting memories on life's canvass. 

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