Planning a Bridal Shower

Are you looking for info on Planning a Bridal Shower? In every grand occasion, it is very important to have a sort of get-together before the big day. It relaxes the bride from all the tension of planning for her big day. Usually the people behind the planning for a bridal shower does not really involved the bride. Her best friend, sister or someone close to the brides, traditionally becomes her maid of honor, are the one responsible for this event.


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Planning a Bridal Shower - Overview

A bridal shower is more of a prelude to the grand wedding day. A sort of a goodbye for being single, activities should be more about singlehood and the start of the life's journey together. As you plan the event, make sure that you have an ample of time before the wedding date; most bridal showers are planned two - four months before the wedding date.

Planning a Bridal Shower - Location

One of the first things you should think about when planning a bridal shower is the location it will be held at. The Venue of the party should also be determined. Depending on the theme of the shower party, you can make reservations in restaurants and bars where you can celebrate in private or ask some sponsors from the entourage or from their family that you will use their house for the party. Well, you can have surprise the bride with the party or you can inform her to make sure that she reserves the date for the shower party.

Planning a Bridal Shower - The Guest List

When planning a bridal shower, the guest list should be high up on your list of things to do. Guests should be those people who are invited in the wedding. As much as possible, never invite someone whom the bride did not invite to her grand day. You should make a decision whether this bridal shower is exclusive for girls or not. Although traditional showers are in the afternoon, you can always choose your own time as long as everyone whom you invited will be available. Prepare games and other ice breakers that centers to the couple. As much as possible, encourage the bride to enlist their names in the bridal gift registry, nowadays, you have to be practical, give the bride and the groom something they need.

Planning a Bridal Shower - Invitations and Stationery

Picking out the stationery is one of my favorite and most fun things to do when planning a bridal shower. Invitations should be sent out early to make attendees plan ahead of time. As much as possible, have some diary to write some notes and insights about the shower party. It is sometimes very hard to remember everything so write it down so you will not miss anything. If the wedding has a theme, then, make sure that the invitation for the shower party complements the theme of the wedding. Keep a list of invited guests.

Planning a Bridal Shower - Decorations

When you are planning a bridal shower do not forget to spend a little time picking out wonderful decorations. Decorations for bridal shower party should be simple, an accent of simple flowers for country wedding theme are fine. A dash of candles and sands will be romantic and will remind of their beach wedding. Be creative in Goth and Celts should the couple have this kind of theme. Use photos of the couple to creative a romantic atmosphere. Keep in mind that bridal shower party is a prelude of the big day and should be close to the wedding theme to make them feel the ambiance of the upcoming wedding.

Planning a Bridal Shower - Other Ideas

Do you need other ideas for planning a bridal shower? For girl's night out themed shower parties, a cocktail party will definitely be great, you can have your guests bring their best dish for the party so you will not worry about the food or have some caterer for the party.

Travel into the memory lane of the couple's life just does not reveal the secrets you and the bride share to protect the bride's privacy. Have some trivia games about the couple. To make the party more memorable to the couple, allow them to share things about themselves and give them advice to prepare for family life. Finally, create unique game prizes, door prizes and be sure to give special favors and let your guest remember this day when the bride says goodbye to her singlehood.

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