Creative Bridal Shower Gifts

Are you looking for creative bridal shower gifts ideas? Bridal showers are known for being enjoyable and memorable for the soon to be bride. It could be simple or themed. Bridal showers would not be complete without giving of gifts to the bride. Ever wonder where bridal shower gifts originated from? It could range from giving of simple to unique bridal shower gifts.


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The idea of bridal shower gifts came from Holland. In the event the father disapproves of a Dutch bride's choice of husband and not provide dowry, her friends would "shower" her with gifts. This way she may still be married to her groom even without her father's help.

Bridal showers are still practiced in this day and age. Showering of bridal gifts has a dual purpose. One is to help the would-be bride to set up her new home. On the other hand, it may also serve as a support by other ladies as she sets into a new chapter of her life as part of a married couple. The women in her life can shower her with creative bridal gifts.

Is one of your best girlfriends getting hitched soon? Are you picking your brains on what to give her as she embarks that journey to marriage? One must keep in mind that this may be an exciting and pleasant experience since you can give creative bridal shower gifts that may fit not only your budget, but, also the personality of the bride.

Here are some creative bridal shower gifts that may be showered for one of your favorite gal pals.

Wedding Countdown Clock

Make her enjoy and count the moments as she prepares for her wedding.

Belly Dancing Lessons

Make her dance her heart out at a local dance studio or fitness club as she keeps in shape in tune for the wedding of her dreams.

Pre-Wedding Spa Treatment

Revitalize her to keep that love spell.

Honeymoon travel pack

Keep tabs of their honeymoon destination and provide the couple with travel essentials in line with their rendezvous.

Erotic fortune cookies

What is a marriage without food for thought? Keep the flames going with this exciting day to day erotic fortune cookie? To complete the creative bridal shower gifts, it is best to include novelty boxes where you can put all the fortune cookies.

Shot Glasses Tick-Tac-Toe

Make them enjoy each moment by playing a game of tick-tac-toe with swigs of alcohol.

Creative bridal shower gifts need not be pricey. These are rather gifts that would make the bride to be enthralled as she settles down into marriage.