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Are you looking for casual wedding ideas? Wedding has always been a grand celebration. It has always been a time of love and reunion with old friends and relatives. It is a celebration rich in customs and traditions. Regardless of what race, location and ethnicity, customs and traditions vary. Modern brides nowadays have discovered that casualwedding ideas will help them save for the future. 


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If you are tired of those formal wedding celebrations and having headaches of choosing what type of wedding theme would fit your budget, if you are daring enough to try something new, then, there are tons of casual wedding ideas to help you fulfill that simple and romantic wedding of yours. 

It does not necessarily mean that if the wedding is casual you don't need anything to prepare. The ceremony will still be there. You can choose the church or the venue where you can exchange the vows. Dress would no longer be a problem. A simple white dress will surely fit the bride. You can still choose the color for the ceremony. Simple casual attire will be alright. 

You can have variety of simple and less formal wedding ideas to choose from for your invitation compared to formal weddings. You can have unlimited of styles depending on your taste. You are no longer limited with laces and ribbons. You can use any embellishments and even create simple wording of invites. 

Some ideas for a casual wedding involve wearing of t-shirts and jeans but if you are exchanging vows in the church, it would be inappropriate. RSVPs might no longer be applicable depending on who will be preparing for food. If you plan to hire a catering service, then it would be necessary. 

Just like the traditional weddings, casual styled weddings also have some programs for the reception. Unlike the formal wedding receptions, casual receptions can have an alcohol bar or coffee for everyone. You can have different activities singing in karaoke or with a musical band. Wishers can sing a song for the couple. Another casual wedding idea is the photo booth. Friends and relatives who graced the occasion can give their best pose with lots of different costumes to put on. 

If your budget is limited, having a casual wedding is best for you. Having a casual wedding does not mean that you have a cheap wedding. Aligning it with the theme, your wedding can save you more for the future by choosing the best causal wedding ideas for you. 

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