Bridal Shower Activities to Know the Bride Better

Are you looking for bridal shower activities? Bridal Showers are one of the most awaited celebrations of every bride. Friends gather around and for the last time, partying and getting to know the bride with Bridal Shower Activities. It is really fun to say goodbye to your singlehood by hanging out with friends for one last time as a single. Soon enough when you get married, your husband will be your priority and sure enough you will have a little time to spend with friends once you started to have your own family.


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There are many Bridal Shower Activities to choose from. Bridal showers need some themes too. Choose a theme that is best for the bride. As friends, you should know the bride and her choices so you must have at least an idea of what it would be like. Bridal shower activities should be carefully chosen by friends, as much as possible, never have bridal shower activities that might offend any guests or the bride. Enjoy and have fun but be wholesome.

Bridal Shower Activities, Bridal Shower Games

You can have lots of games the focuses on the couple like a Trivia about the bride and the groom. Prepare questions about them and see if they really knew each other quite well. You can also have Word Scramble. Use the name of the bride and the groom or any word that is related to wedding and ask questions while they answer by scrambling the word.

Do some trivia down into the memory lane where they ask about trends and styles when you were still starting as a couple. Depending on your guests, bridal shower activities can also add some hilarious futuristic games about married life and what they are about to face after the wedding ceremony.

Bridal Shower Activities, Bridal Shower Games

If the Bridal Shower activities are just girls' night outs, then you can have fun giving the bride some tips on their first days. Giving her things such as "what to do" or "what not to do" on their first night. Again, friends should be careful in using this activity because sometimes, brides are conservative.

In all bridal shower activities, regardless of how fun it would be, always be careful on choosing the right words to avoid hurting the feelings of the bride or the groom. If it is a girl's night out, then do not put the bride in uncomfortable circumstances. Always make sure that the bride and the groom are still the subject of the occasion.