Unique Bridal Shower Games

To make your bridal shower a memorable one, you must plan it accordingly and have unique bridal shower games to set your guests in the mood. The usual guests in your bridal shower are friends and relatives that are close to you, but not close to each other. Having a fun and unique bridal shower games will surely break the ice and make them happy until the party is over.


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Bridal showers take place two to three months before the wedding. It is the time when the bride to be have a fun time with her close friends and relatives before the busy schedule of wedding preparations. Unique bridal shower games add enjoyment and fun to the party so you better think and prepare several games that will surely enjoy by everyone.

Bridal showers include activities such as ice breakers and unique bridal shower games. Showering the bride with gifts and bridal shower cake is also a common tradition when having a bridal shower. While these are the expected activities to happen, it shouldn't be a dull one.

Here are several unique bridal shower games that you might want to add to your list:

Spinning a Yarn

This icebreaker game is perfect for a shower party with guests that are not familiar with each other. As they arrive at the party, give them the yarn and allow them to get the length they want. And when everyone's draw together in a group, ask them to speak about themselves and how they knew the bride and the special moments they shared together, but do that only as they wrap the yarn around their finger.

Trivia Game about Weddings

This card game presents different questions and specific answers that you need to be familiar with about weddings. Aside from the entertainment your guests will get on this game, they'll also be familiarized in weddings terms and traditions. Each guest will be asked the same question, and the fastest guest who answered it correctly will be the winner.

Cotton ball and Spoon

This game is a very funny and entertaining game. Place the cotton balls in a bowl, and then place an empty bowl at the side of it. Each guest must wear a blindfold and hold a heavy spoon. They must transfer the cotton balls using the heavy spoon to the empty bowl and the guest with the most number of cotton balls transferred will be the winner. The most enjoyable part of this game is when the player wasn't able to place the cotton balls into the empty bowl because they are blindfolded.

The Wedding Dress Game

In this game, you'll have to divide your guests into several groups. Then provide each group with rolls of tissue paper, scissors and glue. Give them several minutes to finish a wedding gown made of tissue papers, and when the time is up, compare the wedding dresses made by each team. The most beautiful design will be declared the winner.

These are only a few of unique bridal shower games that you can make during the party. You can also browse the internet or you can ask your friends and relatives to suggest games aside from these to add enjoyment to your party.