Homemade Bridal Shower Favors

Do you want homemade bridal shower favors? Let's face it, getting married requires a large sum of money and if you'll the one who's in charge in bridal shower, maybe you can help the couple to cut some of the costs by making DIY bridal shower favors. Yes, anybody can do it and you can. All you have to do is think of the things that can be given away as favors, then make a research on how to do it and lastly, go to the nearest craft store to buy the materials needed.


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Aside from cutting down the cost, DIY bridal shower favors have several advantages. You can incorporate the theme of the bridal shower to the favors that you'll be crafting. Your guests will surely love it because of the personal touch, effort and time you have given to make those wonderful mementos. And homemade bridal shower favors are intended to be of practical use.

There are a lot of homemade bridal shower favors that can be done in very simple ways. Here are some ideas and maybe it can help you and the bride to choose the best for her bridal shower:

Sweet Treats

If you're into baking or cooking, why not practice your skills? You can bake or cook some goodies that your friends and relatives will surely enjoy taking it home. Bake some cupcakes, breads, or cookies then pack it creatively in a box or paper bag with a small note. Or you can give them a jar of homemade jam with a personalized sticker.


Candle is one of the most popular homemade bridal shower favor because it is easy to make and have unlimited variations. You can mold it in any size shape, choose the color that matches your bridal shower theme and you can also add aromatic oils or fragrant. Embellish it with ribbons or simply place it in a glass for a stylish look then add a simple note.


Soaps can also be made right into your own home. There are also a lot of variations you can make to personalize your soap. Just follow the directions carefully for making the soap and wrap it with a little note.

Personalized Bags

You can buy a nice tote bag in a craft store and personalize it by designing each bag. Use textile paints or beads and sequins to design the bag. You can also add ribbon to make it more stylish.


You don't have to make complicated homemade bridal shower favors to impress your guests. A simple bookmark will do the trick. Print your favorite poem or song in a colorful paper, cut it and laminate it. If you can write a poem or a song, it would be better. You can also add a matching ribbon to your bookmark.

These homemade bridal shower favors are just a few. You can always browse the internet for more ideas. You don't have to buy the expensive ones just to make your guests appreciate your bridal shower favors, simple favors will do as long as they come from your heart; and they'll surely keep it along with the memories of that day.