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St. Barts hotels will blow you away with pleasant surprises, how wonderful it is to spend a honeymoon in such a simple, beautiful unexploited island. While most accommodations are villas, cottages and apartments, several honeymooners also love staying in one of the small hotels in the island, mostly being run by families, more personal, warmer setting compared to other Caribbean destinations which have huge hotels run by companies. Of course they also are able to enjoy St. Barts Beaches. 


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St. Barts authorities are careful in allowing excessive developments to be done in their premises, as they believe severe developments can be harmful for St. Barts. They probably want to preserve their unique nativity and natural charm. St. Barts is exceptionally beautiful because of its natural, untouched charming chunk of haven, truly a romantic getaway destination for two people in love and want some place more private, away from the limelight. Is St. Barts Hotels right for you? 

What will you love about staying at St. Barts hotels? You will love the beauty of nature without any alterations done, and the people that live within the place. The unique feeling of beauty of nature in bare and warm hospitality of people is the true treasure of the island. 

The culture is very warm, simple, informal and serene. Very intimate and private, this becomes their edge over the other honeymoon destinations. St. Barts beaches are fully unexploited; some are completely untouched, which makes the crystal waters more inviting to anyone. Isle de St. Barthelemy is situated at northeastern portion of Caribbean Sean, in between Paris and New York, near Eastern Puerto Rico, closest to St. Maarten. 

This small chunk of paradise has beautiful hills within the island, with valleys where the beautiful crystal waters lay on the foot. With the perfect tropical climate and virgin waters, St. Barts is simply inviting, suggests time for relaxation, intimacy and romance. No wonder why so many called St. Barts as the world's "Garden of Eden". The simplicity of the community, humbling and friendly, and the spectacular view is what St. Barts really has, and why so many honeymooners just love spending first days of their lives walking along the shores of St. Barts beaches. 

St. Barts hotels allows you to choose from the fourteen lovely shimmering beaches in white sand. Never overly crowded, even on the peak season, there is surely a spot for anyone. Grand Cul de Sac is one of the beautiful emerald beaches of St. Barthelemy which has hotel accommodation, as well as St. Jean Beach, very nearly situated at the Grand Cul de Sac. If you want a secluded and serene spot, Petit Cul de Sac is on the top of the list for its very quiet ambience, best for romance and private moments together. Hotel de Toiny is the most popular and has lots of breath taking activities to be done and many claimed staying at this small resort is like living in a dream. 

Many interesting activities can make your stay fabulous and exciting each day. Each beach has something great to offer like fishing, picnic, and surfing; or witness the rich underwater view snorkeling or swimming. What is great about St. Barts Hotels is the exceptionally warm and friendly service yet extremely professional and efficient. You will be amazed with the beauty of St. Barts beaches, each of the fourteen will simply take your breath away, and to think how this small chunk on earth could have fantastic, lovely natural treasures within it. Beginning the first daysof your new life at St. Barts Hotels is absolutely one of kind and immeasurable. 

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