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Are you on the lookout for some cheap Bali holidays to book today? For people who are looking for that perfect romantic getaway or family trip, Bali vacations are extremely popular. Read on to find some helpful tips to ensure your trip to Bali is unforgettable.


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Cheap Bali Holidays - Hotels

Accommodations are an important part of all Bali vacations. There is a vast array of hotels in Bali that are always offering special deals and packages for couples or large families. Most luxury hotels offer guests the opportunity to stay at private villas as well as luxurious resort accommodations. And, several Bali hotels offer amazing discounts if you book your room online. Choose from traditional Balinese d├ęcor to modern hotel guestrooms with lush amenities. Hotels can be booked in the downtown area as well as in quieter parts of town.

Cheap Bali Holidays - Attractions and Activities

Many tourists find Bali vacations to be child-friendly. This makes Bali a favorite destination for family vacations. It also means that most important attractions in town will interest kids. There are several theme parks such as the Butterfly Park, Taman Burung Bird Park, Waterbom and many more. Waterbom offers many swimming pools and water slides in a luxuriant tropical setting with many restaurants and gift shops. Taman Burung boasts a magnificent display of the marvelous tropical birds of Indonesia, with over 250 species, including birds of paradise, hornbills, parrots, kingfishers and pheasants.

Other fun children's activities available in Bali include water activities like swimming and surfing. And for the older kids, there are many cultural activities such as dancing, temple visits, and traditional Balinese life style experiences with Bali's own youth. Teenagers will be able to take pleasure in a wide range of adventure activities such as rafting, cycling and bungee jumping. And, all guests big and small can experience an extraordinary elephant ride.

Trip to Bali - Dining and other Details

Bali vacations also entail savoring the traditional cuisine of Indonesia. Restaurants range from simple eateries and kiosks, to fine gourmet cuisine. And, for those who need their occasional fast food meal, you'll find most of the popular Western fast food chains around some of the main hotels.

So, if you are looking for cheap Bali holidays, get ready for lots of fun and excitement when you take your trip to the exotic city of Bali, where many activities wait to fill your days and nights and make the experience something you'll never forget.

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