Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

Planning your wedding doesn't mean you'll forget to think some romantic honeymoon ideas that can really spice up your first trip as a married couple. Your honeymoon is the best time to explore each other's hidden persona. It is the time where you and your spouse will be together for the first time as husband and wife; away from your relatives and friends.


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An early planning on your honeymoon will surely make your honeymoon perfect and memorable. Not just by bringing scented candles, massage oils and sexy lingerie will heat up your honeymoon. Sweet simple gestures that can really set the mood for romance will be greatly appreciated by your spouse.

Writing reasons why you love your spouse on separate pieces of paper is a very nice romantic honeymoon idea. You can place them in a small decorated box or paste them artistically on a board or maybe a scrapbook. Then surprise him/her before leaving on your honeymoon. He/She will be awestruck by the effort and the thought that you put on that present.

It's more romantic if you try to know where to go in your resort for a great view of the sunrise. Wake up earlier to prepare early breakfast and coffee, walk to your place and watch in the horizon the rising sun, symbolizing your new life together.

If the night is warm inside your room, you can go outside, make a fire and gaze at the stars together. Or the two of you can take a long walk, hand-in-hand, by the beach or anywhere with a nice moonlight. It is a nice time to talk about your new life together and make exciting plans for the future. You can even wish upon a star holding hands, romantic isn't it?

Another romantic honeymoon idea is to think of different little presents that you can give to your loved one each day, at a special moment, of your honeymoon. They don't need to be costly, just something that is romantic and can add a little more enthusiasm to your honeymoon.

Instead of presents, put notes on different parts of the room. These notes have the best times when you're still together as a couple written on each of them. This gesture will bring a smile on your spouse's lips knowing that those memories of the two of you together are special to you.

Write you spouse a poem; this is a great romantic honeymoon idea even if you don't have the talent in writing such things. Just pour your heart out into it and your loved one will surely feel the emotion when he/she reads it. Start off with reasons why you love him/her then add a few promises to end it. If you want to be sure that it doesn't sound awkward when finished, you can ask a friend to listen to it first. Read the poem to your loved one over dinner or before you go to bed.

If the room you're staying in has a bathtub or Jacuzzi, place scented candles around the room and turn the lights off for a dreamy and soothing moment together.

Give your spouse a massage, and then you will surely be offered a massage yourself. This can be tried at the first day of your honeymoon so you and your spouse can start of your day in a relaxing way. This massage is a very welcome experience after long days of hectic and stressful planning about your wedding. If you're not knowledgeable about massaging, just have a couple massage service, any resort should have this service.

These romantic honeymoon ideas will surely make your spouse request for a second honeymoon. Just make it simple and unanticipated to make your honeymoon extra special and unforgettable.

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