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Enjoy the Sicilian country living taking note of the Sicily holidays

Sicily tours are totally exceptional and unique; your romantic Italian vacation will absolutely mark your memories. Sicily is an Italian island that is a rich mixture of different cultures. This spectacular island is full of art, archeological histories, folklore and enchanting scenery. You will definitely feel and appreciate the perfect mixture of European, Asian and African cultures. 


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Love nature more when you witness the great mountains meeting the serene beaches. Your honeymoon becomes extra special and exotic, a great way to begin a beautiful life with the one you love. 

Although learning about Sicily Tours is fun, you should also learn about the Sicily holidays. A few weeks of August of every year, Sicilian holidays are observed by almost everyone including several businesses, and it lasts for two to three weeks. It is quite uncommon but is religiously observed by many Italians. If you plan to visit the city, it shall be before or after August, so as not to spoil your stay. 

Enjoy the lavish seafood dishes and beaches at the amazing Aeolian Islands, especially on summertime. Visit and discover the beauty of Agrigento, also known as the "Valley of the Temples", where the place is covered with orchards and groves. Feel the ancient setting in Erice, where you will see castle and church made of stone, aged and seems full of story to tell you. 

The medieval streets within the hilltop town is truly amazing and for keeps in your memories. Europe's pride, Mount Etna is considered a wonder of the world, the highest mountain of Sicily. Make sure to schedule a hike up to the top and feel the coolness and scenic view of the entire Sicily.

Want to know more about Sicily tours? Totally serene and not crowded, Sicily beaches are romantic places to spend together. They are not commercialized as compared to other famous beaches, which make the trip more exotic and closer to nature. There are also golf courses to play and have fun! There are three golf clubs you can choose from to visit. The hotel rates are less expensive, and the food is superb without the high prices! Totally like a country living setting, spending Sicily holidays like your honeymoon will make the occasion extra special without the expensive costs! 

Another unique dining to know about is that, Sicilian restaurants change menus almost every day! This is a good choice if you will be eating out with a friend translator or if you understand Italian lauguage. But if you cannot converse in Italian, you can always find restaurants where the menus are indicated on the menu list with the prices, this way Italian conversation is not a major hindrance. 

Sicily is a truly unexploited, beautiful and culture-rich destination. Sicily tours offer unique way to begin the first pages of your life together. 

Want To Have your Own Sicily Tours or Celebrate Sicily Holidays? Why not start planning today! 

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