Various Types of Cut Round Diamond Engagement Rings

Round diamond engagement rings are one of the famous shapes of the diamond in an engagement ring because of its well-known cuts. These cuts include the single cut, European old cut, swiss cut, modern brilliant cut, and rose cut. These types of cuts differ in the number of facets and the facets' proportion. 


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Round shaped diamonds are very versatile; with its different types of cuts, it can go along with almost every type of settings, style and design. This is the reason why most couples really want to have round diamond engagement rings. It's not only the versatility of a round shaped diamond that really matters; it also symbolizes everlasting love because of its circular shape. 

Diamonds lose almost 50% of its weight during polishing and cutting, but a Belgian diamond-cutter named Marcel Tolkowsky made a solution to this problem. He developed a type of cut which is the modern round brilliant cut also known as the "ideal cut". This type of cut of a round diamond engagement rings are very prominent among celebrities because of its brilliance. 

The modern round brilliant cut diamonds have 58 facets including the culet. The crown part of the diamond has 33 facets consisting of 1 table facet, 8 bezel facets, 8 star facets and 16 girdle facets. The pavilion part of the diamond has also 16 girdle facets, 8 main facets and a culet. The more facets the diamond has, the more brilliance it gives and the more elegant your round diamond engagement rings would be. The single round cut diamonds have 18 facets only. Diamond fewer than one or two point is usually used for this kind of cut. There are eight facets on the crown, another eight facets on the pavilion, and include the table and culet. 

The old European round cut diamond is the older edition of the modern brilliant round cut. It has a very little table, a bigger crown, and a quite high depth. 

The swiss round cut diamond is in between the characteristic of a single cut and a modern brilliant cut. There are 33 facets including the culet, 16 isosceles triangle facets on the crown and 16 facets on the pavilion. 

The rose round cut diamonds were developed in the mid 16th century; it is also known as Antwerp rose, crowned rose cut, and full Holland cut. It has 24 facets in a single hemisphere form or it can be 48 facets in a form of two back-to-back hemispheres called the double dutch rose. There are two types of rose round cut: the senaille cut and the briolette cut. 

With these cuts to choose from, you'll never go wrong in choosing whatever you prefer to be the center stone of the ring. As long as it is a round diamond engagement rings, it will be the perfect gift that you can give to your bride-to-be.