Semi Mount Engagement Rings

Are you interested in semi mount engagement rings? If you're looking for a unique engagement ring that you will place on the ring finger of your bride-to-be, a semi-mount engagement ring would probably be the right choice. This kind of ring allows you to customize it to your own style and liking; you can also add your own touch by choosing the style and design of the setting that you are dreaming of. 


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Semi-mount engagement rings have all the details and the design with the exception of the focal or main gemstone. This ring is not fully created because of the lack of that gem; it is no longer called a semi-mount ring once the central stone is attached to it. 

There are several advantages in buying a semi-mount ring; one benefit is flexibility. Because you have bought semi mount engagement rings, you can choose what stone you're going to want to go with the band. You can go to a gemstone supplier to browse you choices. 

Another advantage is that sometimes the ring has a beautiful band but inconsistent gemstone; you avoid this by buying semi mount engagement rings then determine what stone will good on it and you can decide on the carat weight, too. 

If you have a damaged ring but the stone is still perfect or a ring that is a family heirloom, you can buy semi mount engagement rings and have the stone transferred to it, it will make a beautiful modern engagement ring that has additional sentimental value. 

The most common type of a semi-mount is the accented ring; it allows you to select a design from various classy accents that can be matched to your own center stone. The solitaire semi mount engagement rings are the one with one center or focal stone; the band is accentuated with filigrees, engravings, or figural designs. Another type is the bridal sets; it is paired with a wedding band and the only difference is the presence of a center stone on the engagement ring. 

There are several things that you may want to consider first before purchasing semi mount engagement rings. Although almost all engagement rings are fitted with diamonds, you have the freedom to choose any gemstone that you want-like ruby or garnet. 

You also should think first about the cut of the jewel; this is one of the benefits in buying a semi-mount ring. You can choose to have a more contemporary style rather that the traditional cut. Will it be heart-shaped or a marquise cut? Would you settle for shield-shaped or round? After you've decided about the kind of gemstone and style, then you can move on to browsing for the right semi mount engagement rings

Keep your ideal gemstone in mind while you're choosing the ring, you can imagine that gemstone fitted to the ring and make a decision if you're going to have a solitaire ring or adorned with several stones. You must be careful when you're planning on putting several different gemstones on your semi-mount engagement ring, you don't want your ring to look too disproportionate.