Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

Are you shopping for yellow gold engagement rings? Engagement Rings are one of the most treasured possessions. Rings such as these are often passed on to the next generation. Many couples invest their resources in finding the right engagement ring. Although the popularity of the titanium and platinum metal bands are increasing, it will never outgrow the popularity of the classic gold. Gold comes in variety of colors, white and yellow gold engagement rings are perhaps the most popular among the rest.


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Engagement rings are usually adorned with gem stones and the most popular are diamonds. Diamonds are best complemented with white or gold. The purity of gold in both white and yellow gold engagement rings is basically the same, they are 75 percent pure gold and the other 25 percent are different metal alloys to create the color. Mixing gold with metal coppers and zinc produces the yellow gold engagement rings while white gold is produced by adding silver and palladium.

Couples prefer white gold because of its silver color. It looks like that of titanium ad platinum bands at lower cost. White gold is more durable because of the alloys mixture but is heavy compared to yellow gold. If you choose to buy an antique white gold for your engagement ring, make sure that you do not have allergy in nickel. Older rings contain such alloy that may cause irritation to skin. White gold are usually coated with Rhodium to make it brighter but rhodium plated white gold will soon lose its bright color so it needs to be plated again in rhodium.

One of the greatest advantages of having yellow gold engagement rings is that it never loses its luster and bright color. It does not need any plating of any kind. Yellow gold are popular in the early 1900s until late 1940s. If your skin is very sensitive to metal alloys, yellow gold is good for you. If you choose this type of gold, having an allergic reaction is lower compared to the white gold. There is a lower demand in yellow gold, so if your bride to be loves the classic yellow gold engagement ring, chances are, you will save a lot. Yellow gold can create different illusions on gem stones that is why many preferred white gold.

Yellow engagement rings are considered classic, dating back from the old Edwardian period. Although White gold became popular than the yellow gold today, they are more vulnerable to scratches and light weight too.

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