Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Cushion cut engagement rings get their name from the shape of the diamond which closely resembles a cushion, albeit an oversized one. These rings used to be called pillow cut when they were first popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's. 


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These rings are becoming more popular these days as even though this cut is not new, it is different than modern engagement and wedding rings. Cushion cut engagement rings are a fresh and interesting shape, they are a bit more blunt and stunning then the more popular cuts you usually see today like princess, oval and emerald cuts. 

Cushion cut engagement rings were also referred to as candlelight diamond rings at one time as well because these diamonds looked the best when candlelight hit it. They shined and looked brilliant and glorious. Of course this was before electric lighting. 

Cushion Cut engagement rings are a great choice for the woman who wants something a little different. Even they are absolutely beautiful rings; they are not what you see on the typical women's hand. Other cuts are more popular, which may make this be a great choice for someone who does not always love what everyone else does. However, because this choice is slightly different than the typical engagement ring, before you buy this one you should probable make sure your fiancé to be actually likes the why this ring looks. 

Of course besides shopping for cushion cut engagement rings because they are so unique, you might choose this design simply because it is bold and gorgeous. Cushion cut engagement rings are usually square or rectangular diamonds which are cut into the cushion shape with slightly rounded corners. These types of diamonds look great, large and eye-catching. 

You can choose a number of different styles of cushion cut engagement rings, but with this diamond cut it is best to have a solitaire, this is the way you will get the most stunning look with this cut. Of course some brides use the cushion cut as the center stone of a three stone ring or even as the side stones. Really this is all personal preference. 

The only downside to cushion cut engagement rings is that the facets are less than the more modern diamonds which means imperfections are more readily seen. Because of this it is important to choose a higher quality diamond with a good clarity rating and color are very important, even more so than with other cuts of diamonds.