Scott Kay Engagement Rings

Known for its sparkling fluid appearance, superb class, noble design and lavish style; Scott Kay engagement rings are the perfect symbol of long lasting commitment and everlasting love. These engagement rings made by Scott Kay will fit perfectly to the hand of your beloved bride-to-be. 


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Scott Kay is one of the famous jewelry designers in America. He lived by the words "Never compromise". With his 30 years of practice in the field of jewelry designing, especially in bridal set jewelries, he believed that choosing the best engagement ring symbolizes a significant gift from a husband-to-be to his wife-to-be. 

The Scott Kay line of ring designs is painstakingly crafted to give each ring its distinct quality and perfect appearance. Scott Kay engagement rings are created only with the most precious of metals like platinum, palladium and 19-carat white or yellow gold. 

Scott Kay engagement rings' finishes come in brilliant polishes and satin finishes; they make the ring more stunningly beautiful and lavishly radiant. To make the most of each ring's accentuation and glitter, it is designed with four -prong settings. Other settings that are equally stunning are classic tiffany, cluster, double prong, inlaid channel, pave, scatter, and single row setting. 

The Scott Kay line also boasts vintage style rings with elaborate and delicate fine points such as filigrees, milgrain, scallops, and split shank design. Classic shaped, princess cut, and round diamonds are also detailed into this line of engagement rings. 

Scott Kay engagement rings line, moreover, has its own signature design; the crown setting. The stones of these pieces are faintly angled, giving complement to the curvature of the ring. Inlaid bezel stones are also attached to the side just underneath the central portion of the ring. Couples can also put the gemstone of their choosing because there is a wide selection of semi-mount rings available. 

Scott Kay also makes engagement rings for men; it coordinated the engagement ring of the bride-to-be. It can be a plain band or a more detailed ring accentuated with diamonds. You can also match these engagement rings with wedding bands made by Scott Kay. 

Choosing the right engagement ring is a very important decision. This ring will be worn by your beloved for a lifetime and can be an heirloom for your future family. You should be aware of its quality and not just by its appearance. So if you choose to have a Scott Kay engagement ring, you should go to an authorized store to be sure that what you are purchasing is genuine.