Engagement Ring Etiquette

Are you looking for info on proper engagement ring etiquette? When a guy is emotionally and financially ready to ask her girlfriend to marry him, it is a must that he knows the diamond ring etiquette before he buys the ring and pops the question. This is to avoid unnecessary problems that could arise along the way. Engagement ring etiquette is one of the most important things that guys should be familiar with before the engagement process; knowing this means respecting the relationship. 


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Traditionally, when a prospective groom wants to buy an engagement ring to present to his girlfriend when he proposes, he may choose and purchase the right ring on his own. Although the future bride can help out with the searching and paying for the engagement, it is much sweeter if the guy surprises her with the perfect ring. But some couples split the cost of the ring; this is fine when they are living together and used to split their expenses. 

The woman needs to wear the ring after the engagement for harmony's sake but it is not under the engagement ring etiquette, unless if you're planning to make your engagement a secret for the time being. There is no obligation to wear the ring; but if she does, she should wear it on her left hand - on the middle finger. This symbolizes love; because it was believed in the early times that it is the only finger with a direct connection to the heart. 

In engagement ring etiquette, it is not mandatory to have a diamond on your engagement ring, but it is traditional. Most engagement rings have at least one diamond. But any ring that suits the bride will do just fine, even with another kind of gemstone  or no gemstone at all. An engagement ring has the tendency to become a family heirloom so you must choose well. 

After the proposition, the bride's parents should be the first ones to be informed; but it is much better if the guy would ask them first before the proposal. The groom's parents are the next to know. The friends follow, then the general public. 

Before the actual wedding ceremony, the bride-to-be should take off the engagement ring  from her left hand. She can wear it on her right hand or she can temporarily keep it until the wedding ceremony's over. Engagement ring etiquette states that after the ceremony, the engagement ring should be placed after the wedding ring. 

There are varying laws in every state regarding on who is going to keep the ring in case the engagement is broken. There is a general rule if you want to settle this out of court; the one that breaks the engagement should leave the engagement ring to the other person. Another rule is that if one person commits an unforgivable act, he or she should let the other person keep the ring. For heirloom engagement rings, there should be a pre-nuptial agreement to be done after the engagement. 

Knowing engagement ring etiquette is the best approach to respect the ring, the commitment it symbolizes, and the relationship put together by the couple.