Create Your Own Engagement Rings

Do you want to create your own engagement rings but afraid you might commit a mistake? You don't have to worry that much, there are easy steps to follow in designing your own engagement ring. You can search for websites that are selling and customize jewelries, or if you really want to be sure of what you are buying, you can also ask a jeweler. Keep reading for ideas on how to make your own engagement rings!


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There are several reasons why you should create your own engagement rings. A custom design ring is better if you want something unique and brilliant. 

If you have any secret reasons or details that you want to be known by only you. You can ask the jeweler to put some details (initials or dates) into the ring's gallery (the part under the ring's stone). The gallery is a splendid area to have meaningful things in your life encrypted on, and only you and your loved one know about this. 

If you inherited an engagement ring and want to add some stone or design on it, you can discuss it with the jewelry designer. It is good to have a vintage ring that has sentimental value, and then incorporate some new designs to it so that it will have more memories when you use it again as your engagement ring. 

If you're a trendsetter and you don't want just another traditional ring, and you've been to a lot of jewelry stores but still weren't able that ring that you want. You can design the engagement ring that you have in mind using good computer software (or you can just sketch it on paper if you can draw) then presenting it to the jeweler. It is much better that you work with a jeweler that you trust or know about and admired. 

In designing your own engagement ring, you have to follow some steps. This will guide you in your search for the perfect engagement ring. 

Create Your Own Engagement Rings- The Budget

Your budget will be the basis of what kind of engagement ring should you design Creating your own engagement ring will cost you more than buying one that is ready-made. But you can choose whether you will spend more on the stone or the metal to be used. Patterns and embellishments like side stones will add up to the cost of the ring. And from these, you will have an overview of the cost of the engagement ring that you have in mind. 

Create Your Own Engagement Rings- The Style

This engagement ring that you're designing is for your bride-to-be, so you better know what kind of ring she wants on her finger. Of course, you don't want to disappoint her. You can ask her friends or relatives, or you can even observe what kind of jewelries she wears to have an idea. 

You can also browse images of rings thru the internet to find out some styles or details that she would love. Wedding magazines can be good sources of ring ideas, too; just remember to imagine first if the ring is going to look good on your partner's finger, try imagining it. 

Create your Own Engagement Rings- The Metal Setting

For your setting, it can be platinum, white gold, yellow gold or even titanium. Platinum is the most expensive, but it can add more brilliance to your stone. Titanium is a lot harder than any of these metals, so you can't design it with intricate patterns. 

Create Your Own Engagement Rings- The Stone

You have to choose the stone very carefully, be it diamond or any other semi-precious stones. It should be free from cracks and blemishes. Also, you have to pick a stone that perfectly fits your setting. 

To create your own engagement ring is a good idea because it gives an additional sentimental value and the fact that you're there every step in the process of designing and making it.