From Sweet Victorian Style to Gothic Engagement Rings

Are you looking for info on Gothic engagement rings? Gothic style is classified with black and dark heavy make-ups evolved in spiritual and pagan practices. Gothic Engagement Rings are created based on the character of the wearer and the symbols and meaning of patterns and gem stones used in the ring is the very message the man wants the woman to know. Society of Goths is often not welcome to the world of romanticism because of its color and symbols. Have you ever wondered what is like to be involved into the mystery of the gothic romance?


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Gothic is known for its horror society. Many find Gothic Engagement Rings unsuitable for romance - but that is simply not true. Even though some of the symbols associated with Goths include skulls, gothic crosses, pentacles and dragons are often categorized as unsuitable in pursuing romantic love. There are other symbols as well and some people may even look for gothic rings to be the traditional gothic meaning, not the modern. The truth is, it symbolizes commitment… till death do we part… 

There are two types of Gothic Engagement Rings. Those that becomes the symbol of the gothic medieval romance and those that symbolizes the modern love of the gothic culture. Both types are casted on silver metals with pattern engravings and gem stones to contrast. Metals such as titanium in dark colors and heavy tungsten are used to create a unique touch of color blends. 

Gothic Engagement Rings are perfect for night time proposals. The dark night beneath the moon filled with starts above creates a romantic mood. Goths proposal on private and intimate ceremony invokes the solemnity of gothic styles. Fire is an element of gothic rituals. Proposal can be made on a lovely candle-lit dinner for two or beneath the fireplace to symbolize the passion of gothic culture. 

It is rare to find Gothic Engagement Rings displayed on jewelry stores as it is not the common choice among men. Women may vary their styles from the customary sweet Victorian type of rings to a heavily patterned dark gothic rings. Couples must carefully choose whether to go for the classic style or to pursue the appealing art of the Goths. Gothic styles are not for everyone and one might, lose its interest in such styles. 

Creating Gothic Styled Engagement is challenging and often the misunderstood tradition. It leads to long explanation about the culture, the meaning of each patterns and why couples are using such rituals. Gothic Engagement Rings are detailed symbol of rich and unique love you had for each other. Creates naturally patterned rings how patterns though different can in turn be united into one just like two lives becoming one.