Expensive Engagement Rings

Are you shopping for expensive engagement rings? If you have a hefty sum of money and you want your beloved to be extremely happy on your engagement day, you can surprise her with an expensive diamond engagement ring. Since your love to her is valuable, why not give her something that is truly valuable and glamorous at the same time. Spending your money in an expensive engagement ring is a good investment too because the ring will definitely last over a lifetime. 


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The average cost of an engagement ring ranges from $3,000-$5,000, while expensive engagement rings can reach up to millions of dollars. Well, expensive engagement rings are not for everyone. Perhaps you've seen one of those expensive engagement rings worn by biggest celebrities of our time. And because they are famous, most couples looked up to them and wish they could afford the same expensive engagement rings they carry.

There are several factors that can affect the price of the engagement ring to go up. The metal base is one factor to be considered; a platinum base will cost you thousands of dollars, while white gold or yellow gold can only cost you hundreds of dollars. The higher the carat of the stone, the more expensive the ring will be. Another factor is the kind and shape of the stone to be used; a round cut diamond will surely be pricey than an emerald with the same cut and carat. 

The number of stones to be used can greatly affect the price of the ring; a three stone engagement ring will definitely have a higher cost than a solitaire engagement ring. Additional stones along the band can make the price of the ring to increase. The clarity of the ring is also an important factor to the worth of the ring; the Secret Kiss of the Roses ring made by De Beers is number one in clearness and its price is $1.83 million. 

Expensive engagement rings can be designed by a famous jewelry designer or it can be you. Mostly, designers' engagement rings are really expensive, but you can always trust them with regards to the quality of the ring. Antique engagement rings are also expensive and a good investment too because as time goes by, its value will increase. 

An engagement ring is a symbol of love and commitment. It is not really important whether it is an expensive engagement ring with a 5 carat diamond or a simple ruby engagement ring. The most important of all is the moment the two of you decided to get married and the promise that your love and respect for each other will last a lifetime.