Moissanite Engagement Rings

Are you shopping for Moissanite Engagement Rings? If you're on a budget, and still prefer to give your beloved a diamond engagement ring, you can give her a moissanite engagement ring instead. Some would say that moissanite is a fake diamond, but it's not, because it is a man made mineral that is similar to the appearance of a diamond. There's no reason your future bride to be upset if this will be the one you're going to present her on your engagement. 


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It was in 1893 that Henri Moissan discovered silicon carbide or commonly known as moissanite. Since this mineral is in extinction, scientists created a synthetic form of this. And in 1995, jewelers become aware that synthetic moissanite can be a splendid gemstone for making jewelries. They also found out that it is durable like ruby and sapphire. 

Moissanite engagement rings can be really mistaken for diamond engagement rings. Even though it is much less expensive than diamonds, it is actually more refractive and brilliant. Moissanite is twice as refractive as diamond that is why it gives more sparkle and fire, though brilliance is a good effect, a professional jeweler can easily distinguish the difference in refraction and detect if it is a diamond or not. 

Moissanite is denser than diamond, so a 1 carat moissanite is a bit bigger than a 1 carat diamond. The bigger the stone, the more dazzling your ring will be. And if your beloved desire a larger stone, moissanite engagement rings would be perfect without spending a fortune. 

Just like any other gemstone, you can set moissanite to your preferred setting. There are so many cuts and shapes you can choose from. And because it is a lot cheaper than diamond, you can afford platinum to set your moissanite. And just recently, more colors of moissanite have been introduced in the market. You can now have your moissanite engagement rings in blue, green, yellow, pink, and more. 

Be careful in purchasing your moissanite engagement rings, because it has a propensity to be greenish or grayish in color. And the larger the stone, the more it becomes obvious; so you should see the ring first to examine it before you buy it. 

We all know that there are a lot of issues regarding mining of diamonds, so it would be nice to have a moissanite engagement rings instead and be more responsible. Anyway, it's not the ring that is really important, it is the relationship and commitment the ring symbolizes. Of course you can also buy Moissanite Wedding Rings to have a nice matching set.