Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Are you interested in black diamond engagement rings? Black Diamonds, as well as all colored diamonds, are experiencing a surge of popularity at the moment. Most girls still believe that diamonds are their best friend, but some of these girls want a little color! There is certainly nothing wrong with that is there? 


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Buying an engagement ring, regardless of the type or color of jewels within, is a major purchase. You will probably be spending a large chunk of cash on this ring and it is not just another object, it has real meaning behind it. So whether you are buying black diamond engagement rings or ones which are a little bit more classic, you should take your time when making this decision. 

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - What She Wants

If you are ready to purchase black diamond engagement rings for her, make sure this is a style she is in love with. When most women imagine their future diamond ring (engagement rings, wedding rings and fashion rings) they are thinking of white, shiny with high clarity! The engagement ring is important, one she will proudly wear and show off to everyone. So before you make a purchase that is outside of the norm, it would not hurt to ask for her opinion. 

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - Is It A Fad?

That is the question isn't it? Engagement rings are something that last forever (hopefully), eventually they may even be passed down from generation to generation. So is it a fad or is it something that will last the test of time. If black diamond engagement rings are what you and your future fiancé are interested in, I say go for it - it is your ring, and diamonds, regardless of the color, will pass the test of time. 

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - Compromising Both Worlds

Maybe you love the idea of black diamond engagement rings, or maybe it is just something you like a little. Why not compromise? You can have a 3 stone ring with the black diamond as the solitaire and two white diamonds on either side, or the opposite - you can have a beautiful white diamond solitaire surrounded by 2 or more black diamonds. Of course you can also get a wedding band with diamonds encrusted through it. You can either get two rows of diamonds, with one white and one black or you can have the white and black diamonds alternate. 

Black Diamond Engagement Rings - The Down Side

When other people see your fiancé sporting black diamond engagement rings they might not think it is a diamond at all, rather they may mistakenly believe it is an onyx. Of course, on closer inspection they would notice it is a diamond, but your fiancé could get numerous questions about the ring, she may get sick of answering these inquiries. Of course, for many people what other people think about their engagement ring is of little or no concequences so this may not be a big deal at all. Also, some people would not like this type of ring because of symbolism and superstition. The color black tends to be associated with depression, evil, death and bad luck.