Victorian Engagement Rings

Do you want to learn more about victorian engagement rings? Planning the wedding together is the most wonderful memories to keep. Treasured memories are often accompanied by souvenirs and lots of memorabilia. The love of Queen Victoria to King Edward has been a classic love story to tell again and again. Inspired by their love for each other, Victorian Engagement Rings became one of the most popular designs for rings. Many brides pattern their bridal gown to that of the Queen to match their beautiful ring. 


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The grandeur and majesty of a person can best be achieved by Victorian inspired bridal gowns and best complemented with Victorian engagement rings. In the early 1800s, large diamond stones in the center of the ring were a rare find. Diamond rings are usually made of clustered micro diamonds. Do you know that large diamonds became popular in the market when South Africa opened their mines and sold larger diamonds? If suitor cannot say the exact "I love you" word to the woman he loves, then giving a Victorian engagement ring with a large diamond in the center will tell that you are asking for her hand in marriage. 

Although white gold and platinum are gaining a lot of popularity today, Victorian engagement rings still carry that golden band that displays the band itself. The most romantic of all is that this type of engagement ring is that it carries a message inside. Etched inside the band are often the names of the couple or some love messages that they cherish. 

Budgeting is another important factor. Always think of the future. Never spend all your savings in buying diamond engagement rings. You may have a very nice engagement ring but if your life after marriage will end up paying those loans then it would not be that good. If your bride to be would really love to have beautiful Victorian engagement rings, then look for alternative gem stones. Choose cheaper gems such as sapphire, ruby or emerald. Choose a good tone that will match the yellow gold band. Yellow gold has always been classic, a simple metal polish will bring its right color. A lot of people are discovering a lot of advantages in using the yellow gold band as it is easy to maintain and are less prone to scratches. 

Classical engagement rings that can be passed on to the next generations are usually inspired by the Victorian era. Victorian Engagement Rings are here to stay and will never go out of style

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