The 3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Guidelines

Are you looking for a 3 carat diamond engagement ring? This type of ring can certainly be a showstopper to say the least. Most people start their search for this type of investment by asking how much will it cost? The answer to that question is that it depends.


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The cost of a diamond ring is based upon four main factors – color, clarity, cut and carat size. Each ring has a different cost depending upon all these factors, so the amount you might pay will depend upon all the answers to the C's.

Although we are talking about a 3 carat diamond engagement ring, there will be a huge difference between a solitaire diamond which weighs 3 carats alone or a ring with multiple stones with come to the total weight of 3 carats. You should think about the cut and style of the ring you truly want.

Learn about The Cut

Before you invest in a 3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring, make sure that it is within your budget. It might be rather expensive but there are a lot of 3 Caret Diamond Engagement Ring that can be within your budget range depending on the quality and intricate designs. Here are a few examples of different cuts you might want to consider.

Sometimes in 1902, the Asscher Brothers of Holland created a cut of diamond ring with the angle in and an angle with depth that is magnificently extraordinary. It is somehow an alternative cut for the modern cuts that will fit the character of the one wearing it. The Asscher successfully retained its elegant cut and make a statement in making a 3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring. It is almost the same as the emerald cut but it was somehow square in shape. Asscher Cut stones is the result of simultaneous creation of mirror effects when deeply looking at the stone. It is also known as the princess cut. 

Still looking for the perfect 3 carat diamond engagement ring? If you are interested in classic style engagement ring, the Cushion Cut diamond ring is for you. It is a popular cut during 18th century and has a shape patterned to pillows. This type of design is very rare. Oval cut diamonds are know for sparkles and is good for rings with long rows of accent stones. The most popular cut and perhaps the most recommended style is the round cut. Despite its modern appearance, it is still considered the best choice for engagement rings. 

Saving Money

Are you looking for the size and the beauty of a 3 caret diamond engagement ring without the price tag? There are some ways you can certainly save money on this purchase.

Shop around. Obviously this is always a big one. Buying an engagement ring should not be a spur of the moment decision. Some thought an planning should go into this purchase. I would shop both online and off. The internet gives you many choices of places to both shop and browse. You can shop at websites of local shops, big name jewelry distributors, chain stores and everything in between.

I would also consider shopping locally, if for no other reason than to see all your options. Get an idea of the prices of the engagement rings you really like, when there are no sales or special events. Price them again during sales.

Most jewelry stores have special sales around holidays such as valentines day, sweetest day and Christmas. Many jewelry stores also have special events at wedding and bridal shows. During a bridal show they may have special sales or deals, or even hand out special vouchers or coupons to save a specific dollar amount or percentage on a purchase.

Consider other stores Many people do want their engagement ring to be a diamond and only a diamond. However, you should consider other stones if that is an interest to both parties. You can either have another stone as the main jewel in the engagement ring (like a ruby, opal, onyx, or emerald), or you can have them as side stones on the ring.

Use Lab Created Diamonds. Using a lab created diamond allows you to save money. The diamond is created in a lab instead of using the natural process. 

3 carat diamond engagement ring

Certified Diamonds

Buy a 3 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring only on trusted distributor. Choose an engagement ring that will fit the character of the bride, something that she can show to her friends and relatives with pride.

When shopping one of the most important things you need to do is only buy certified diamonds. The two most trusted gemological labs are GIA and AGS. Make sure you get a diamond that is graded by one of these labs.

One of the reasons these labs are the best choice is because they have a reliable grading system that you can trust. Other labs may sometimes over inflate the grades which makes the consumer think that they are getting a better rated diamond than they really are, which causes the consumer to be over priced. Do not let this happen to you.

Buy A Ring For Happiness

However at the end of the day what is most important is how you and your soon to be fiance feels about the purchase. Is this a ring she wants to wear? Is it a ring you are proud to propose with? Your tastes and desires on what the ring should look like are the number one concern as this ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a symbol of your relationship together.

Who knows – maybe a 3 carat diamond ring sounds like the thing you both really want, but in reality you might decide against it. You might decide the cost is too high or the ring is too big. Perhaps you would rather have a specific setting or cut that looks better on a smaller diamond.

This research stage is just a starting point for you to realize what it is you truly want!

3 carat Diamond engagement ring - Other Styles We Love

3 carat diamond engagement ring

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