The Increasing Demand on Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings have been becoming the popular choice of a jewel stone cut. What is with this type of cut that makes it gain popularity in over a century ago? When a man decided to marry the woman he loves, he usually set-up a proposal day by which the ring speaks louder than words. Engagement rings will last for a lifetime. Trends and fashion may become obsolete but the Engagement ring will never lose its brilliant. 


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Although diamonds are the most popular ornament in the engagement rings, various techniques and styles are applied to cut the precious stone. Diamond cutting has been considered an art and such Pear Shaped Engagement Rings were designed in 1458. It was then that artists started crafting gem stones with the introduction of absolute symmetry. Pear Cuts are affected by several other elements that have large impact on its brilliance. Clarity, Carats, Cuts, and Color are determinants of a good diamond. 

Pear Shaped Engagement Rings and its gem stones are carefully arranged in different manner. Some would prefer a lone pear shaped gem while others would like it to be arranged in patterns. Pear shaped is also known as teardrops or pendelogue. They might have an unusual shape but it is sure to bring that kind of luster and brilliant that can last for years. 

Rationally speaking, diamonds are often associated by passion, action and energy. Pear Shaped Engagement Rings with such embellishment is quite expensive and is very hard to suit in the budget. Economy affects the buying power of men including that of the most precious ring. It increases the inner strength and provides balance and well-being of the wearer. Engagement Rings are not only limited to diamonds, other materials such as ruby and sapphires are also available depending on the preferences of the bride to be. To lower the cost of the engagement ring, gem stones are installed in replacement for the expensive diamond stones. 

The Betrothal ring were given to Ladies with a promise from a man to marry was a tradition that dated in the late 14th century. Accepting the engagement ring means accepting to travel life with your partner. It has been said that Engagement rings and wedding rings are worn on the third finger on the left hand where the veins are believed to directly run from the heart. Pear shaped engagement rings, regardless of gem stones, used symbolizes tears of joy and sorrows, in sickness and health.