Aquamarine Engagement Rings

Are you interests in Aquamarine Engagement Rings? If you're looking for a unique and meaningful engagement ring, an aquamarine is the right ring for you. Aquamarine gemstone brings harmony, peace and serene to the wearer. Sailors considered it as their lucky stone. 


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This gemstone signifies the steadfastness and steadiness of the sea water and the blue clouds above. Also, this is the birthstone for the month of March. And an aquamarine engagement ring is the perfect ring for any springtime bride. 

Even though aquamarine engagement rings are more affordable than diamond engagement rings, its beauty and brillance are almost the same. It's now a popular choice to many because of its affordability over any other precious stone. 

Aquamarine gemstone comes from the beryl family like emerald. Its shade ranges from a pale blue to a deeper blue with a trace of color green; the higher the intensity of the color, the higher the value of the gemstone and a clear blue stone is the most expensive one. So if you're on a budget, you can still have a fine-looking aquamarine stone with a greenish or yellowish streak because it is much cheaper than a clear blue. 

Aquamarine stones are quite flawless unlike any other gemstone; you can rarely see an aquamarine with inclusions. Due to the clearness of the stone, you can easily identify if there's an inclusions like dark spots, air bubble or cracks. However, inclusions are normally found in gemstones but it can be lessen by giving the stone a perfect cut. 

Aquamarine engagement rings are suitable for every day wear because of the color and hardness of the stone. It highlights any kind of outfit at any given time, whether a casual or a formal one. 

The radiance of the aquamarine stone can match a platinum, white gold and even yellow gold setting. You can also cut the stone to whatever cut you prefer; it is perfect for emerald, round, princess, and oval cut. And the more facets the stone have, the more it sparkles. 

You can also add some other gemstone as side stones for your aquamarine engagement ring. It will depend upon the personality of your bride to be or your budget. You can ask a jewelry designer what type and color of stone will match the color of your chosen aquamarine gemstone. 

Aquamarine engagement rings are easy to clean; you'll just need to use a soft brush, soap and water to bring back the radiance of the stone. Also, keep away from using ultrasonic cleaners and other household cleaners to prevent your stone from unusual damage.