Tacori Engagement Rings

Are you interested in Tacori Engagement Rings? Choosing the right engagement ring to be given to your beloved is a big decision and by selecting Tacori diamond rings, you'll definitely make the right decision. With the elegance, exquisiteness and grandeur of this ring, every girl will certainly love it. 


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Just like other designer engagement rings, Tacori engagement rings are carefully handcrafted and designed. The company was constructed in 1969 by Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda. They incorporate science in designing their jewelries to be more specific and precise; they are using computers to generate 3D models of the rings they will fabricate. With over 35 years, they are one of the best in jewelry-making industry. 

One good thing about a Tacori diamond engagement ring is that you can actually customize it according to your taste; you can change the size and shape of the stone and choose the metal setting that you prefer. 

The diamonds use to make a Tacori diamond engagement ring are excellent in quality. They only use G grade diamonds with VS clarity to guarantee that they are crafting the best engagement ring a girl could have. And if you already have a loose stone, Tacori would be glad to make a perfect setting for your stone. 

They use high quality metals for their settings such as 18k or 22k yellow gold and platinum. Though they also use 18k white gold, however, they do not advise it because platinum is more brilliant and if the rhodium content of white gold vanish, the ring will have a yellowish shade. They also make two-tone engagement rings using yellow gold and platinum for a more superb look. 

There are several designs of the Tacori diamond engagement ring to choose from; you can have it in a classic or contemporary style with simple or elaborate settings. Tacori engagement rings are included in the famous collections such as The Dantela and Crescent Silhouette collections. Moreover, if you already have a design in your mind, they can help you to make it real. 

If you opt to have Tacori diamond rings for your lovely wife to be, you can either order it in a local jewelry shop or browse online shops. It would be better if you order it in a month or two before the engagement so you can make adjustments if there are any. Also, be sure that details are specified according to your taste, because customization is what Tacori is all about. 

To make sure that your Tacori engagement ring is an authentic one, take a look at the inside of the band if there's "Tacori" written on it. It's important to know that you are getting what you are supposed to have, an original Tacori engagement ring. 

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