Different Unusual Engagement Rings

Are you looking for different unusual engagement rings? We understand, really. Sometimes traditional is not the way to do. Sometimes you want something unique and special. If that is the way it is for you, keep on reading! 


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She is gorgeous, her beauty is beyond compare. She is one stylish chic that sets the trend. Her face, just like Helen of Troy, can launch not only a thousand ships but more than thousands of ships. Good news is, she is your wife to be… but the greatest problem you have right now is to look for different unusual engagement rings suited for her. 

A ring has always been the most popular form or symbol of love and commitment. Engagement rings are always worn by women engaged to be married. These rings are often handed over from generations to generations, a sort of family heirloom to some. Although engagement rings have been part of the tradition, it can also go beyond its traditional look. Different unusual engagement rings cannot be simply found on jewelry stores. For sure if you are looking for a different unusual engagement rings and you bought it in corner jewelry shops, it would soon find its matching pieces and would not be as unique and extraordinary as you want it to be. 

Different unusual engagement rings can be called of such if they have intricate designs or extraordinary shaped precious stones. Traditionally diamonds used in engagement rings are clear and white in color. Choosing a different colored diamond for the engagement ring will make it unique. Colored diamonds such as pink, yellow, red or even black can be used to accent the engagement band to make it beyond the extraordinary. 

Diamonds with circles and oval shapes are the most commonly used shapes in engagement rings. Other diamond cuts such as princess cuts are gaining popularity. Heart Shaped and other asymmetric shaped diamonds are quite costly. The odder the cuts on diamonds, the more expensive it will be, so you may also choose making the engagement ring unique by investing on the intricate designs of the metal band.

Since engagement rings will be constantly worn by your wife-to-be, it is best to look for metal bands that will withstand daily bumps and scratches. It should also withstand the test of time. Precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver are traditional choices for rings. Gaining popularity because of its quality are tungsten and stainless steel. Investing time to design meaningful patterns in the engagement ring together with you jewelry designers can be more practical because you can dictate the reasonable budget. 

Different Unusual Engagement rings for your stylish wife-to-be can be best achieved if you plan ahead of time. Creating designs needs time and you do not want them to rush the creation. Consider getting a unique engagement ring because this will be kept by her for life and you would never want her to bump or see similar designs worn by others.