Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

If you are looking for an ultra romantic proposal idea, shop for heart shaped engagement rings. The Heart has always been associated with love and romance. Women often accessorize themselves with fancy heart shapedearrings, bracelets and necklaces. Women would love to have those Heart Shaped Engagement Rings and would do anything to have a heart carved in the ring. One must wonder why these types of rings are not given more often. 


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Heart shaped diamond engagement rings are not an easy find these days. Although heart shaped engagement rings are symbolic of love and romance, this shape is not common in jewelry shops. Heart shaped gem stones are very hard to achieve. The proportion of the shape, its length as well as its width should be in proportion.Heart shaped rings usually depends on the finger of the bride-to-be. In terms of carat, smaller stones are clearly not a good choice for heart shaped engagement rings as it will distort the shape. 

Unbalanced cuts without symmetry will only result to a lopsided look. It involves several cuts of convex and concave angles and should be cut in characteristic points to arrive in better results. There are a lot of different designs that can be made once they arrived on the perfect gem cut. Solitaires are the most popular Heart Shaped Engagement Rings. It requires five prongs to secure the stone and sometimes prongs are added to protect the pointed tip of the heart. Symbolic love that represent the past, the present and the future of the couple is usually represented by three hears arranged in patterns. Heart shapes accented with other fancy shapes are also used to accentuate heart shaped engagement rings making it more elegant. 

Among Art Deco Rings, Heart Shaped Engagement Rings are often a romantic choice combined with the classic designs and patterns combine with unusual styles of art deco. An Inset Rings are set of stones in clusters forming the heart encircled with different uniquely accented small shapes. It highlights the shape and protects the layer of the cuts. 

The rarity of such Heart Shaped Engagement Rings leads to an alternative way of including the heart shapes in their design in filigree, scrollwork o carvings or they use the shape in the interior engravings. Each engagement ring is unique. The love you had for each other is also unique. Hearts may symbolize love and romance but only couples who promise to live together in harmory can survive the test of true love.