Choosing Designer Engagement Ring Settings

Are you looking for Designer Engagement Ring Settings? When you finally decide to get married, you need an engagement ring to complete the proposal. Depending on budget, impress your bride-to-be with a designer engagement ring setting. 


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Men and women are always waiting for this special moment in their lives. Not everyone is given opportunity to march in the isle, don you think? You are lucky enough for finding a meaningful relationship with your mate. Wedding is just around the corner and usually, you and your mate are sharing expenses for this occasion. It is up to the groom-to-be if he wants to spend more for a designer engagement ring settings. 

Every time we discuss about designer engagement ring settings, the first thing they want to know is how much it cost. Designers vary their prices depending on the cost of materials, how intricate the designs are and of course, the name of the designer. Designers take time to create an engagement ring that will suit the personality of the bride-to-be and creating such takes time. It is always better to place the order without a rush. Rush orders may be more expensive. 

Designer engagement ring settings are known for their unique and distinct style. Your bride-to-be will never bump to her friends wearing the same engagement rings. Funny as it may seems, it surely happens when you buy engagement rings in chains of stores or malls offering it on sale. Mass produced engagement rings lacks uniqueness but it does not mean that it has lesser value than the designer engagement rings. 

There are different types of engagement ring settings to choose from. If your bride-to-be wants a suspended diamond above the hand and would want the stones to look more stunning and bigger, Prong is a good choice. Placing diamonds next to each other with no visible hooks to hold the metal pieces are called Channel. The stones are inside the band for better protection. 

Bezel engagement ring settings are the type of ring the most people with an active lifestle chooses because of its sturdiness. The main stones are secured in place by adding a metal rim to its surrounding for securing the main stone. If you love small stones clustered and creatively arranged in patterns along the surface of the metal band then the Pave is a good choice. The metals are not noticeable and appear to be a band of gem stones arranged in patterns. 

No matter what type of designer engagement ring settings you choose, it is always best to place order ahead of time. Designer engagement rings are not expensive if you know where to find the best buys.