Why Choose Oval Engagement Rings

If you want your engagement ring to be unique and different, you can try an oval engagement rings. Though an oval engagement ring is not quite as brilliant as a modern round engagement ring, it is still have its own splendor. And it is admired by many because it gives a slender and flattering look on the finger of the wearer. 


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The Oval shaped diamond was developed by Lazare Kaplan during the early 60's; it is also known as oval modified brilliant. It has 56 facets with a width to length ratio of 1.5:1; but you can alter the ratio if you want, just be careful because it might affect the brilliance and uniqueness of the shape. Sometimes the bow-tie effect can be seen if the cut isn't proportional. 

Aside from diamond, you can also use other semi-precious gemstones like sapphire, topaz, ruby and emerald; or to make it more special, go for the birthstone of your bride-to-be. You can also have it in different sizes, like if you want a bigger stone and you're on a budget, these semi-precious gemstones would be the perfect choice. 

The ring setting is also important when you want to consider oval engagement rings. The most popular setting for an oval shaped stone is the three stone setting; you can have a sapphire as the center stone, and a smaller diamond in each side or vise versa. It is also advisable to use six to eight prongs for an oval shaped stone for security purposes; a bezel setting would be good for securing the stone, too. An oval solitaire engagement ring would be a wonderful choice if you want to add small stones along the band. 

It is also important that you carefully select the metal to be used for oval engagement rings. Platinum would be an ideal choice if you want to add brilliance to your oval engagement rings; but it is more expensive than any other metal. So if you're on a budget, white gold or yellow gold would be an excellent pick. 

No matter what design, style, setting or stone you use, it is important that every detail should be well-coordinated to have exceptional oval engagement rings. You should also take into consideration what shape of stone would be appropriate to the hand of your soon to be bride. And most of all, your engagement ring should be a symbol of an everlasting love commitment.