30 Autumn Wedding Invitations For Your Fall Wedding

Find tons of wedding invitation ideas for an autumn wedding.

Are you shopping for autumn wedding invitations? More and more brides are deciding to marry in the autumn instead of during the summer months. These brides are searching for fall wedding invitations for their big day. In this article, you will find ideas on what makes the invitations scream the season, what types of themes you might consider, and examples of beautiful invitations to choose from!


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30 Autumn Wedding Invitation Ideas Inspiration Board

Coordinating your wedding stationery to the theme or time of your wedding is an excellent idea that is not too difficult to do. Looking for the right stationery can be daunting, but we will help you start the process. The stationery is a great starting point because once you find what is right for you and your big day, you can plan the rest of the wedding and the decorations around one central theme.

Today there are many different styles of wedding stationery available on the market. You can find just about anything you are looking for. Not sure what style or theme you want? Keep reading to see many different styles of autumn wedding invitations. Have an idea already? Your mind might not change, but you should keep an open mind anyways – you never know what you might find when you are least looking for it!

When searching for wedding invitations, remember that you can choose from many different formats and embellishments. For instance, you can use recycled paper, you could have scrollwork on the invitations or use a photo invitation or even a magnet one! You can choose a traditional wedding invitation format or booklets, pocket wedding invitations, or even electronic invitations.

Autumn Wedding Invitations – Choosing By Color

Whether trying to match your wedding stationery to a season or not, color is usually the first thing a person looks at for their wedding invitations. When planning your wedding, you usually pick the wedding colors pretty early. These colors will be prominent throughout your wedding. If you are getting married in the fall and choosing to have a fall wedding, you might select autumn wedding colors. These colors can include yellow, red, orange, and brown.

Your wedding colors will be used throughout the wedding ceremony and reception and in all events and announcements leading up to the big day. For example, let's say you choose to use red as one of your wedding colors. You may wear something red to any parties you choose leading up to the event, including the engagement party and the bridal shower.

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

Purple Trail
Picky Bride

You could use your wedding color in the invitations for the engagement party, the bridal shower, and the wedding. You would also use it in the engagement announcements and save the date cards and wedding announcements after the wedding.

The wedding colors would also be used in the decorations at the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. The bridesmaid dresses would be your wedding colors, as would the cummerbunds and other accessories for the groom and groomsmen. So choose carefully – your wedding color or colors will be everywhere during your big day!

Autumn Wedding Invitations – Common Themes

Although choosing wedding invitations by color is one of the most common ways, it is not the only way. Another common way to choose wedding invitations is by the theme of the wedding. If your central theme is the season, you might have a more specific theme. The most common autumn themes include trees, leaves, and fall flowers or flowers in fall colors.

Many different invitations, other wedding decorations, and favors on the market focus on these themes. If you choose to use one of these themes, you can coordinate as little or as much of your wedding as whatever you decide to focus on.

Autumn Wedding Invitations – The Perfect Invitation 

Are you still unsure what colors or themes to use? Take some time and look at the different examples on this page. If you like something, click on the photo to learn more about it and look at other fall wedding invitation samples.

One idea is to find the perfect wedding invitation and plan the rest of the wedding around it. For instance, say you find a beautiful floral wedding invitation with rich colors and fall in love. You can choose the same or similar colors for the bouquets and decorations. You can choose the color for the bridesmaid dresses and accents in the wedding ceremony and reception.

All you need is to find one thing you absolutely love, and the rest of the wedding planning will fall into place. Decide what is most important to you, and then determine how you can incorporate that theme throughout your wedding.

Autumn Wedding Invitations – Start Planning Early

Planning your wedding can be a long process. You should start planning early when you want to incorporate specific colors or themes into your wedding. You want to ensure you have enough time to do whatever you can to allow the theme to come together.

Other Autumn Wedding Invitations We Love

Autumn Wedding Invitions We Created

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