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Are you shopping for green invitations for your wedding? Many brides are choosing colored invitations to match their wedding themes and colors. If you have green as your primary wedding color you may want to also have green wedding invitations, as well as other green items such as making the bridesmaids dresses green, using green centerpiece, wedding favors, or decorate your cake with green frosting.


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If you want to shop for green wedding invitations, or want to see what may be available, keep on reading for some of our favorites!

When you are looking for green invitations, the one above may be what you are looking for. Incorporating color into your wedding invitations is pretty easy, but you need to decide how little of that color or how much you want of it in your design. The above photo shows a lot of green. If you are looking for unique green wedding invitations, the above might meet your criteria. 

If you are looking for modern green wedding invitations, the above is a nice example of this. Theses invitations are quite striking with the emerald green background and lighter greenery surrounding the invitation text. 

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

The Leslie Store
Picky Bride

If you want to use less green you could change the background to a different color such as black. The bold colors and design really draw your eyes into the front of the invitation where the guests will see the bride and groom's names.

You can still use a more modern photo wedding invitation while incorporating your chosen wedding colors. Check out the above olive green photo wedding invitations.

This is one of our favorite wedding invitations, green or otherwise. The style is clean and crisp; it is sleek with great lines. The invitations is white with beautiful tropical palms! This would be great for a green themed wedding or a beach or tropical wedding.

Other Green Invitations We Love

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