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Are you searching for budget wedding invitations? Getting married these days can be really expensive. Most couples are looking for a way to have a beautiful wedding without draining their savings. You are probably also looking for ways to lower the cost of your expenses. Having cheap wedding invitations is not a bad idea, and it is not difficult to add personal touches to make it truly unique to you and your wedding. 


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You might be asking if you can have elegantly looking budget wedding stationery, well, my answer is a big YES, in fact, some times customizing your own wedding invitations is far better than the traditional invitations.

Budget Wedding Invitations - What is Available To You?

You can choose a different style of cheap wedding invitations in magazines and on the internet. You can choose from embossed, embroidered, or graphically designed invitations. Budget wedding invites can be designed using computer software available for designing invitations. Investing from the software is somewhat practical because there will be lots of events before leading to the actual wedding ceremony. You can use the software in printing out engagement party invitations, bachelor's party invitation, and many more.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Where To Shop

You may also want to check simple embossers available in the nearest craft stores. It may cost you a dollar or more but like what I have said, you can reuse it again for the next occasion. If you do not want to own an embosser, then you may want to check the stationery stores near you, there are a lot of ready-made embossed papers that you can use for your low-cost wedding invitations.

Of course, if you do not want to do the work yourself, you can always find budget wedding stationery in other ways as well. You can buy premade wedding invitation kits for a fraction of the cost of ordering directly from a stationery store. 

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

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Usually, these kits will come with all the materials you need, except for the invitation wording. For the wording, you can just use a simple word processing program, write out the invitation, choose your font, color, and size, center it all and print.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Determining Your Budget

Still, some brides would choose to buy cheap wedding invitations, finding low budget wedding invitations which are professionally designed but do not break the bank. They are available as well. Of course, the cost of low-cost invitations depends on the couple. For some couples finding invitations less than $2.50, a piece would be within their means whereas other couples are looking for invitations that cost less than $1.00 apiece. This is why it is so important to know exactly what you can afford before getting started.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Determining Your Style

Every wedding has its own style. You must know what type of wedding you would like it to be. Your invitation should be designed depending on the wedding type. For Hawaiian or Beach weddings, you may want to add some shells and may contain colors of the sand, the blue sea, or the tropical colors of the sun. If you are planning for a country-style wedding, choosing natural colors is best. Elegant Victorian Wedding invitations can be accented by heavy laces and bows.

Depending on what type of wedding you have, it is important to stay in budget. It would be a nightmare if you spend more on something and then lack the budget for some wedding activities. It is always best to plan ahead. There may be a lot of cheap wedding invitations that are ready-made if you want your invitation to be unique yet affordable.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Photo Wedding Invitations

Once you have your budget in mind you can start shopping for the invitations you prefer. Photo wedding invitations make a great visual look and feel, and they certainly do not look cheap. If you choose this type of wedding invitation you will be able to choose a great photo (in some cases, photos) of the two of you to showcase on your wedding invitation.

It is a nice way to have another photo of the two of you to look back at which will now be associated with your wedding, but it will be from your engagement or pre-engagement period. There are plenty of photo wedding invitations on the market that cost under $1.50 per invitation.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Chalkboard

The chalkboard wedding invitation has become more and more popular in recent years. These are wedding invitations that are meant to give the look and feel of a chalkboard. If you choose this type of wedding stationery you may want to also consider using mini chalkboards throughout your wedding decorations – such as outside the ceremony or the reception announcing the wedding or a message from the happy couple.

Even though it seems like this design would look the same on every chalkboard wedding invitation, there are really a variety of choices on the market featuring this design, but they can be different and unique from each other. It is really worth a look.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Simple

Are you looking for cheap wedding invitations but also want something simple and maybe even on the traditional side? Not everyone wants or needs over the top designs for their wedding invitations.

There are many cost-effective simple wedding invitations on the market. Simple can mean a variety of things. They could come in traditional colors like black or white, only have a few added design elements like monograms or borders, even photo invitations can fall into this category because the design is clean and unencumbered by all the extra elements you see on more complex wedding invitation designs. If simple and traditional is what you are looking for you should easily be able to find some low budget options to choose from.

Budget Wedding Invitations - Premade Packs and Kits

Are you looking for invitations that cost less than $1.00 per invite? You might want to consider using a kit or a pre-made pack of invitations. These invitations would require you to either handwrite all the information on each invitation or you would need to type them using an inkjet printer. So there would be more work involved, but the cost savings would be much higher as well.

As you can see there are many different options on the market for budget wedding invitations. Having a lower budget does not mean the wedding invitation you choose will not be gorgeous, you just need to spend a little time deciding what it is that you want and take the time to shop for the perfect invitation.

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