Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Are you looking for Butterfly Wedding Invitations? Many people choose to repeat different themes and ideas throughout their wedding day. Some people choose colors, others choose locations and some choose objects. If you have a butterfly wedding theme you will need to find the right butterfly invitations!


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Today we will be looking at some examples of butterfly wedding invitations. I hope you find something you love!

Some Of Our Favorite Butterfly Wedding Invitations

This is one of my favorite butterfly wedding invites I have seen. I think it is the color combination of purple and black on a white background. It makes it look elegant and romantic at the same time.

The combination of butterflies, flowers, and leaves only adds to the beauty. It is shown in the square design but it is also available in a rounded square, a rectangle, or even a nice modern circular wedding invitation.

Another super cute wedding invitation is the one below – it is designed to look vintage with its cute border. I love the butterflies and the trees, but the overall coloring of the invitation might be what makes it look so nice!

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

Purple Trail
Picky Bride

The tree is nice and it would work well for an autumn-themed wedding. I also really like the scroll and design work in the corners.

If you are looking more for a wedding invitation that screams springtime wedding this might be the one for you. It definitely has more of a spring look and feels with it's delicate pink and purple flowers and butterflies.

This invitation is available in numerous shapes and sizes including the normal rectangle version you see pictured but also more creative shapes like bracketed and ticket. It has a matte finish. The elegant vine and floral background would fit right into any type of wedding including an elegant affair, a springtime wedding, or even a garden wedding.

The invitation below is pretty traditional - it is white and cream in color. The butterflies add a touch of soft colors to the invitation. This is a great invitation for anyone who wants a butterfly wedding stationery.

When I look at this invitation I see traditional and feminine. It is delicate and sweet. If you are shopping for something a little more romantic this might be a good choice!

Are you looking for something a little bit more modern? How about this super fun, super modern pink butterfly invitation? 

This is a modern and fun take on adding butterflies to the wedding stationery. It is fun and it is certainly attention-grabbing. The pink and the gray look stunning together!

Do you like the pink one above but think it is a little bit too much for you? Are you looking for something lovely and pretty but a little bit more subdued? If you want to air on the side of the traditional, that is fine, it is your wedding after all. It is most important that you find an invitation that you really love!

This butterfly garden wedding invitation below is pretty and sophisticated. It still brings in the beautiful butterfly theme without being overly bright or dramatic.

This is a great take on a modern wedding invitation. The gray is soft with the typeset being just enough of a contrast where you can easily read it, but it allows the butterflies to be the main focus.

The butterflies are especially dramatic in a beautiful ombre shades of blue. This invitation is lovely.

Is black and white more your thing? black and white weddings have become very popular - the color black is often seen as one of the wedding colors, if not the main one. If this is how you envision your wedding you should also consider shopping for black and white wedding invitations.

This invitation is more like black, white and silver but the silver makes the invitation more ornate and beautiful!

Other Butterfly Wedding Invitations We Love

I hope you enjoyed this page on how to complete your Butterfly Wedding Theme with the use of wedding invitations and stationery! The invitations can be a great start to making a themed wedding. Of course, you do not have to stop there.

Remember you can do other things with the butterfly wedding theme including the bridesmaid dresses, flower girls dress, centerpieces and wedding decor and do not forget to incorporate the theme into your wedding favors!

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