Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

Are you looking to buy beach theme wedding invitations or tropical wedding invitations? The majority of couples tie the know during the warmer weather months, and although not everyone gets married at the beach or has a destination wedding, more and more brides are choosing to incorporate wedding themes into their weddings including beach wedding themes, nautical wedding themes, and tropical wedding themes. Are you one of those brides?


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Using beach themed wedding invitations or tropical wedding invitations is a nice way to show off your upcoming wedding theme. It is always a good idea to incorporate your theme anywhere possible, and using themed wedding stationery is a good place to start.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations - Palm Trees

Wedding Invitations with palm trees is a good idea to show a beach themed wedding. Remember the invitations are one the first things your guests will see and get an idea of what your wedding will be like. Palm trees are great for areas that palm trees grow or when you are actually getting married on the beach.

If you are only having a beach themed wedding but it will be indoor or even in a more northern environment where palm trees do not grow naturally, you could always get a few planted palm trees and lush green ferns for the ceremony and reception decorations!

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations - Blue Water

Are you looking for a more generic tropical or beach theme? Look for wedding invitations showing beautiful blue waters. These could include blue skies during sunny days or blue water during sunset, sunrise, or in the twilight.

The ocean is a beautiful and striking photo for an invitation and it would certainly set a theme and feel for your wedding. If you are trying to continue this into your decorations, you could choose blue as one of your wedding colors.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations – Seashells

Another great theme item to use on your wedding invitations is seashells. This could be one seashell, a bunch seashells or seashells, and starfish mixed together. One of the reasons this works too well is not just for the invitation, which could be striking, elegant or cute depending on which photo you choose, but seashells are great for decorations.

You could use seashells in wedding centerpieces, scattered on other tables at the reception such as the dessert or cake tables, gift tables and the front of the head table and you can even get seashell wedding cakes.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations – Beaches

If you are getting married on a beach or having a beach themed wedding, why not use beautiful photos of beaches on your invitations? The beach could be a close up of the beach, a beach, and an ocean or even include some nautical elements as well. You might also want something romantic like a heart drawn in the sand of the beach.

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations – Photo Invitations

Photo Invitations are becoming more and more popular and they are great if you can afford them. You can certainly find beach-themed photo invitations so if you are set on giving out themed invitations but also want to include your photo or a series of photos this is possible! 

Wedding Invitation Shopping:

Purple Trail
Picky Bride

Even if you can't find a beach-themed photo, you can take photos on the beach or in a more tropical environment and use those on your invitations.

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