15 Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Get ideas and inspiration for beach wedding decorations and centerpieces. 

You might be looking for elegant beach wedding centerpieces when planning a beach wedding. Beach wedding ideas come in all shapes and sizes, from large floral arrangements to scatterings of beach elements like seashells and starfish. If you are having a beach theme wedding, it is time to come up with some fabulous ideas for beach wedding decorations.


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Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces Inspiration Board

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Using Beachy Flowers

Beachy flowers is a fun term, right? What exactly are beach flowers. Typically this term refers to coastal flowers; anything that grows on or near the coast is a beachy flower. Coastal or beachy flowers are an excellent idea for a wedding centerpiece because they are perfectly on theme. You can use beachy flowers as the main focal point of a centerpiece, or you can use them as filler with more traditional floral arrangements.

Believe it or not, beachy flowers include not only flowers but herbs as well. Here are some ideas for beachy flowers: flowering jasmine, geraniums, beach aster, California poppy, lavender, escallonia, hawthorn, yarrow, periwinkle, thyme, ornamental grass, sea kale, rosemary, Virginia creeper, tickseed, bee balm, blanket flowers, creeping phlox, lantana, and the daylily.

Here is a pretty floral centerpiece with a touch of periwinkle!

Beachy Floral Arrangement With Periwinkle, Roses, Carnations and OrchidsBeachy Floral Arrangement With Periwinkle, Roses, Carnations and Orchids

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Highlighting Beach Colors

When decorating for a beach wedding, another great way to design your wedding centerpieces is by highlighting the beach's or summer's colors. The most common colors for this would be blue, green, white, brown, and yellow. Blue will match the blue sky and water, and white or brown will be lovely for matching the sand. Yellow is for the sun, and green is for the lush greenery that comes with warmer weather.

Here is a beautiful blue, green and white wedding centerpiece for your beach wedding.

Blue, Green and White Floral Centerpieces with Candle and Beach AccentsBlue, Green and White Floral Centerpieces with Candle and Beach Accents

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Tropical Fruit

If you are not big on floral arrangements or just want something different and unique for your beach wedding centerpieces, you should consider tropical fruit. Tropical fruit will let you stay on point for a tropical wedding, but it will also be different. This is a table top wedding decoration that your guests will not expect to see. The best part is that it is functional – besides looking good, your guests will have a snack to munch on anytime during your wedding reception!

Here is a super cute idea for a tropical fruit centerpiece!

Tropical Fruit Wedding CenterpieceTropical Fruit Wedding Centerpiece

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpiece – Using Water in Your Beach Centerpiece

If you are having a beach wedding, a great way to highlight the location is by using water in your centerpiece. You can do this in several different ways. Mini fountains are excellent if you want to spend extra money on this expense. However, if you prefer a simple centerpiece, you can use a water bowl. Once you have a transparent or semi-clear bowl, you can decide what to put inside. You can fill the bowl with beach-themed items such as seashells, conch shells, pebbles, or starfish. You could also put a small layer of sand in the bottom.

Of course, you can use the water bowl without other beach-themed items and use floating candles or flowers to create a simple but elegant beach wedding centerpiece.

Here is an example of a simple wedding centerpiece using water.

Simple Wedding Centerpieces Using WaterSimple Wedding Centerpieces Using Water

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Candles are always a fantastic way to use in wedding centerpieces. You can make the candle (or many candles) the star of the show or use them with other elements. Most candle wedding centerpieces also use greenery and flowers in the centerpiece design. Of course, you can also use items like seashells, sand, pebbles, lanterns, or fairy lights to really up your candle centerpiece game.

Here is an example of a wedding centerpiece that uses candles beautifully.

Make The Candles The Star of the ShowMake The Candles The Star of the Show

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Rustic Beach Wedding Centerpieces

Not all beach weddings are the same. Although many beach weddings focus on bright colors and seasonal floral selections, yours does not have to. If you are looking for a more rustic wedding atmosphere, you can totally do that! Instead of using white or cream-colored tables, linens, plates, and chairs, choose darker colors. This will create a more rustic look.

When designing your beach wedding centerpieces, use white, green, or dark colors, and you can have a rustic elegant beach wedding.

Here is an example of a rustic beach wedding table with white candles, flowers, and plenty of greenery.

Rustic Green, White and Brown Wedding TableRustic Green, White and Brown Wedding Table

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Sunset-Inspired Wedding Centerpieces

If your beach wedding reception will be held outdoors or near large windows, use the sunset as an inspiration. Instead of bright colors, choose florals that are red, orange, brown, or dark purple to simulate to gorgeous colors of the beach sunset. You can brighten this look with a few strategically placed white and cream-colored flowers or other elements like a lantern, a string of lights, or candles.

Here is a sunset-inspired wedding centerpiece.

Red, Orange and White Wedding CenterpieceRed, Orange and White Wedding Centerpiece

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Greenery Wedding Centerpiece

Greenery really has become the new star of wedding centerpieces everywhere. If you are looking for simple elegance, go green. Although this look is most striking on long tables, it can also be used on circular and oval wedding tables. Be creative in the greenery you use and how you design your centerpiece.

Here is an example of how mainly using greenery will look on your wedding tables.

Lush Greenery Wedding CenterpieceLush Greenery Wedding Centerpiece

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Soft and Romantic Wedding Centerpieces

Another great choice is to choose romantic centerpieces by using soft colors and lush, large floral arrangements. Romantic centerpieces can be exquisite and beautiful. Choosing soft colors will also allow you to stay on theme with the summer wedding season.

Here is an example of a romantic wedding centerpiece.

Soft, Blush and White Wedding CenterpiecesSoft, Blush and White Wedding Centerpieces

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Less is More

Sometimes people overdo the centerpiece and wedding décor. Not only can that kill the look you are going for, but it can also cost a lot of money. If you do not want to overspend on your wedding decorations or have a minimalist wedding, carry this idea to your wedding centerpieces.

Here is an idea for a minimalist wedding table centerpiece design.

Minimalist Wedding Table Centerpiece and DecorMinimalist Wedding Table Centerpiece and Decor

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Beautiful Brown Wedding Centerpieces

Color is not everything. Sometimes the lack of bright colors can create a beautiful and elegant look. Consider using different shades of brown to make wedding centerpieces. You can use all brown shades or throw in a few other dark colors like deep purple or burnt orange.

Here is a beautiful brown wedding table and centerpiece idea.

Brown Wedding Table and Centerpiece MotifBrown Wedding Table and Centerpiece Motif

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Bright Floral Arrangements

Beach and summer weddings can be all about highlighting all the different colors of the seasons. If you prefer bright colors only found in the summer months, you should use them in your centerpieces. Instead of focusing on one or two colors, you can use a wide variety of flowers and colors to create a striking bright floral centerpiece.

Here is an example of the bright floral arrangement you may want to use at your beach wedding.

Bright Floral ArrangementsBright Floral Arrangements

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – So Much Floral

Do you love flowers and want to use them as much as possible. The more flowers you use, the more elegant and lush the wedding décor can become. If this is how you envision your wedding, design your wedding centerpieces this way. Remember to coordinate with pieces around the table when creating a wedding centerpiece. This can include hanging vines, garlands, and lights.

Here is a photo where the wedding planners envisioned a floral paradise and used hanging lights, garlands, and floral centerpieces.

Floral Paradise DecorFloral Paradise Decor

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Boho Wedding Design

If your beach wedding has boho flair, you can add this element to your wedding décor, centerpieces, and decorations. Boho or bohemian is anything outside the norm, so you can go in many different ways with a boho-inspired beach wedding centerpiece.

Here is our idea for a fun boho wedding design featuring elements of nature.

Natural Boho Wedding IdeasNatural Boho Wedding Ideas

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Dark and Moody

Finally, we think the dark and moody wedding reception atmosphere should get a nod. Just because you are getting married at the beach does not mean you need to have a sunny and bright wedding reception. If you are getting married outside of the summer or having a late-night reception, a dark and moody look could be a lot of fun!

Here is an idea for a dark and moody wedding reception!

Dark and Moody Wedding ReceptionDark and Moody Wedding Reception

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Shop For DIY Wedding Supplies

If you plan to make your own beach wedding centerpieces, you might be looking for ideas to use in your centerpieces and decorations. Here are some super cute ideas we found on Amazon.

Elegant Beach Wedding Centerpieces – Video Inspiration

Need more ideas and inspiration? Check out these videos! We have included YouTube videos and some TikTok videos (we know you do not always have time for a super-long video).

YouTube Videos

TikTok Videos

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