30 Amazing Wedding Centerpieces We Found On Amazon

Wedding Centerpieces From Amazon - are you thinking about making your own wedding centerpieces but you do not know where to start? Believe it or not Amazon has tons of beautiful options for wedding centerpieces! See some beautiful options we have picked out for you!


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I am old enough to remember when Amazon was just a super large bookstore - but now you can get anything there. There is not a specific wedding section for supplies and decorating ideas (there is for starting your wedding registry) so it takes a little bit more searching to find what you are looking for. Start here with the wedding centerpieces from Amazon that we have selected for you! Hope you find something perfect!

If you are looking for dramatic wedding centerpieces - why not use metal floral vases that stand 2 feet tall? This would certainly create a stunning dramatic effect!

If your wedding is more rustic you might want to choose this country rustic initialed candle holders.

Candle holders are always a good place to start with wedding centerpieces. These heart shaped candle holders with hanging crystals would make a romantic wedding centerpiece!

If you want to creates a romantic look but want to do it with flowers instead of candles, these pink wedding bouquets could be just what you are looking for!

These purple votive holders are also super pretty - this is a way to combine candles and flowers in one neat little package.

Lanterns and fairy lights are very popular these days. This lantern brings both of those things together - these would work as great wedding centerpieces for the guest tables or they would also like nice on the supplemental tables like the gift or dessert table.

If you are looking for wedding centerpieces or focal points on the head table you might like these vases that are almost 2 and a half feet tall!

These vases are also 2 and half feet tall but give a much more modern look and feel to your wedding and your decorations.

Even if you love some of the oversized wedding centerpieces and decorations you might want to use some smaller ones throughout your decorations as well including these white glitter candle holders.

Here is another cute look - artificial potted plants in wood boxes that are battery operated!

Looking for a way to bring trees into your wedding scheme? What about this 2 and a half foot white tree and branches as wedding centerpieces. You can hang anything you want off of the branches to fit into your wedding motif like candles, ornaments, ribbons, garland or flowers.

Check out these super cute birdcage candle holders. They would look great on any wedding table!

This is a 20 inch case hoop centerpiece which makes the centerpiece a little bigger, but the flowers remain at table level. So you can still have a tall wedding centerpiece that looks great in photos without your guests not being able to see one another!

Of course if your want to have large flower arrangements you can do so. You can even compromise by having those large wedding centerpieces on other tables besides the guest tables!

Here is a beautiful pink and white wedding centerpiece you might want to use especially is pink is one of your wedding colors.

What about this beautiful LED Moroccan lantern. It would look incredible as part of your wedding decor! 

These geometric cubes can certainly make your wedding more modern. You can wrap flowers or ribbons around them, or use mirrors and candles to add to the modern look and feel.

If you are having a more minimalist wedding, these simple silver vases might look nice. If you have a lot of metal, silver or gold decorations you might want to keep with this style.

I think this centerpiece is absolutely beautiful. It is just under 3 feet tall and includes artificial twigs and is amazing. This would look great on wedding guest tables as seen in the photo below!

Here is another birdcage candle holder. This is a nice modern design that also adds in a touch of rustic with the appearance of the bird on top.

Sometimes what you are really looking for in wedding centerpieces is beauty and simplicity. You really do not need to do something over the top to make your centerpieces and decorations stand out - sometimes something as simple as floral vases can do the trick.

When you are looking for something pretty and simple with floral arrangements - having them in a simple wooden box with a ribbon can be enough. It is pretty and understated, and the ribbon just brings the whole look together.

Of course, not everyone is into floral designs, real or artificial. If you are trying to minimalize the amount of floral accents in your wedding you might want to just go with some candles. These tealight holders are engraved and beautiful. Having them in different heights adds to the beauty and overall presentation.

Sometimes when you are looking for wedding centerpieces, not any centerpiece will do. There are many different wedding themes out there from simple to rustic, elegant to country but some people choose to use holidays as well such as Valentine's Day or Christmas. If you are having a Halloween themed wedding or a gothic wedding you might want to bring that into the centerpiece such as these Halloween themed lanterns.

Here are some beautiful light pink floral decorations for your wedding centerpieces. They are tall and elegant - perfect for Spring or Summertime weddings.

When you are filling large metal vases to create stunning wedding centerpieces, remember that flowers are not the only thing you can put inside. These feathers look amazing and this may be a style element you want to consider for your wedding!

If you are looking for something a little more basic but still beautiful, these type of wedding centerpieces are quite popular. They combine flowers and candlelight and by using different sizes you can put multiple items on the same table and it looks amazing.

Looking for something that screams luxury and elegance? What about these gold and silver hurricane candle holders? 

If you are having a nautical themed wedding or lighthouses fit into your wedding in anyway, you really must consider this lighthouse candle holder.

Finally do not neglect these beautiful silk flower centerpiece - if your colors are in the pink or coral family these would fit right into your wedding color scheme.

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