30 Beautiful Birdcage Veils For Your Wedding

Are you shopping for birdcage veils? Birdcage veils are a good choice for people who want to wear a veil but are not into the traditional gauzy looks or they do not want something so long and traditional.


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Today we are going to look at 30 different styles or birdcage veils or wedding headband coverings that mimic this style. Hope you find something you really love!

We start with a traditional birdcage veil style with beautiful floral accents on the side. This will look stunning in your wedding photography.

If you do like the gauzy look of a traditional veil but you just want something shorter than this may be the one for you. The addition of the pearl decorations add a touch of elegance to the overall look and feel of this headpiece.

White Pearl Birdcage Tulle Veil with CombWhite Pearl Birdcage Tulle Veil with Comb

If you really love the floral look and want to incorporate that into your veil or headpiece this one is especially nice. The white flowers are oversized and draw in the eyes for a visually appealing look.

White Bridal Birdcage Veil Flower CrystalWhite Bridal Birdcage Veil Flower Crystal

Are you actually looking for something black instead? What about this black birdcage veil with black ribbons and feathers? If you enjoy this look it also comes with black lace gloves.

This is a great choice for brides who want something soft and romantic. This is a nice gauzy veil with delicate floral accents.

How do you feel about a hot pink wedding veil. If you are looking for a show stopped this is it! This one has it all - vivid colors, polka dots, flowers and feathers!

If you like the flowers, feathers and polka dots but hot pink is just way too much for you - why not check out that look in black?

A popular wedding style is the peacock. If you love peacocks or fashion which are peacock inspired you will love this birdcage veil.

Many things in a wedding are all white - and if you want to stick to tradition you might like this very white veil with ribbons.

Here is another black birdcage veil with feathers and an over abundance of polka dots.

Here we have a birdcage veil with a comb. It is very feminine and romantic. If that is the look you are going for, you might enjoy this one.

This one has really nice and detailed floral accents covering the entire top of the crown of the veil.

Although there is only one flower on this birdcage veil, it is substantial. If you want you veil to stand out and wow your guests, this could be the one. The flower also uses pearls to accent the petals and feathers to make it appear even larger than it is.

If you are more interested in fashion on a grayscale than black or white, you might really enjoy this selection. The feathers add a special touch to this piece.

Do you want a birdcage veil that goes more off to the side and has accents that add a little bit of color and shine? Check out this one below - it is fun and unique, not something you are likely to see every bride wearing this season!

Do you like the idea of a birdcage veil but really want something that is more basic with clean lines. This one if true to a more traditional style, with very little accents so the focus is more on the brides face than the fashion accessory.

Of course, basic does not work for everyone! Here is a beautiful black birdcage veil with ribbons and feathers to accent the whole look.

This is a very beautiful veil in cream and white, showing floral and pearl accents.

Sometimes you want the accents and additional fashion touches to be at the side or the back of the veil. You can not be front facing at all times, and it is nice to have some special touches in other areas as well besides the very front of the headpiece.

Here is another choice for an over the top floral and rhinestone accent on your veil. It is very pretty and eye-catching.

Check out this cute ivory and gemstone version. It is pretty and dainty.

Here is a beautiful white birdcage veil with bows and feathers. So pretty!

Love this veil. It is so large and fun. The ribbons and feathers make it look even bigger and grander than it is.

These champagne colored feathers really stand out on this white wedding veil.

If you are looking for something basic but in a nice champagne color instead of stark white, this might be something you will enjoy.

Here is another really cute veil with a large bow.

New Retro Birdcage Bridal Fascinator BrideNew Retro Birdcage Bridal Fascinator Bride

Here is another beautiful wedding birdcage veil fastened with a comb.

Looking for something black and delightfully polka-dotted? Check out this beautiful veil - so if it is for you or not!

Finally check out this beautiful white wedding veil decorated with white wedding flowers on both sides as well as on the top!

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