Summer Wedding Themes

If you are planning to wed in the summer you may be brainstorming for great summer wedding themes. So what we are going to do is tell you some of our favorite summer wedding ideas and the different ways you can bring them to life! 


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Summer Wedding Themes - Beach Wedding Theme

Out of all the summer wedding themes available the beach theme is probably one of the most popular. Since it is so popular it is also probably the easiest one to accomplish - there are so many products on the market to choose from. 

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If the beach is your ultimate theme you can incorporate it in many ways. For instance - you can wear a shorter wedding gown and your wedding party can also wear wedding clothes that shows off the summer season. Your wedding flowers can be bright and bold, showing off the vastness of the selection of flowers available in the summer. For favors, decorations and centerpieces you can use things that remind your guests of the beach. Some ideas are seashells, flip flops, sand and sandcastles. Of course you do not need to use the real thing; you can certainly use favors and decorations made to look like these things. 

Summer Wedding Themes - Fourth of July

Are you searching for summer wedding themes which are not totally overdone? If so the fourth of July as a summer wedding theme is a fabulous idea. Even though you can have this theme at a traditional reception hall or country club, this is a theme that works great for backyard weddings and country weddings. For food you can choose to make available things like hamburgers, hotdogs and fresh fruit. You can add stars and stripes in jewelry, decorations andcenterpieces. You can make your wedding colors red, white and blue. If you can arrange fireworks for the end of the reception, that would be the perfect end to your wedding day celebrations! 

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Summer Wedding Themes - Christmas in July

Do you want a Christmas theme but you do not want to deal with weather issues on your day? Why not have a Christmas in July wedding theme? A Christmas in July is a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding. You can use wedding colors such as red, green, silver, gold and ice blue. You can decorate with snowflakes, snowman, ornaments, poinsettias, and mistletoe. You can serve egg nog at the bar and offer cut out cookies. Don't forget to set up a magnificent Christmas tree and use twinkle or icicle lights to decorate with. Best of all if you are searching for unique summer wedding themes - this is a great one. 

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