Beach Themed Wedding Centerpieces

Beach themed wedding centerpieces are becoming more popular as beach and destination weddings are becoming more common. Even if your wedding or your reception is held indoors, that does not mean you can not have a beach wedding theme.


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So what can you use for beach themed wedding centerpieces? There are a lot of different things you can use from the most basic to the more elaborate. Here are some wonderful examples of the type of beach centerpieces you can use.

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The above photo is a great example of a sandcastle centerpiece which can be used for a beach wedding. The sandcastle can be real or fake, it could even be edible, made from a cake mold that you decorate with brown sugar and cinnomen to look like real sand. In the above photo the sandcastle is placed on a mirror and surrounded with candles and seashells. Placing all these elements together makes it even more attractive to the eye, than the sandcastle would look alone.

Seashells and starfish are often used to portray the beach theme at a wedding. There are many ways you can do this. You can create centerpieces which use seashells with other elements such as candles, flowers, sand, starfish or create containers or stands. You might put sand (or something that resembles sand such as brown sugar and cinnamon) on the table and place seashells and centerpieces within the “sand” or you can use beach themed wedding favors as both the favors to give out as well as the centerpiece. Finally you can even use smaller versions of the wedding cake on the tables. Here are some photos to help illustrate these examples.

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Still need more beach themed wedding centerpieces ideas? You can also use tropical flowers if you are looking for a more delicate beach theme. You can choose flowers which are only in season during the month of your wedding or use flowers which are grown locally if you are having a destination wedding.

Have you considered using food as a centerpiece? You can have a tropical fruit plate or designer cutout cookies shaped like sandcastles, sand dollars, pail and shovels or starfish.

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