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Getting married at the beach? Then you will need a beach casual wedding dress. When you start to shop for your dress for your beach wedding you need to keep in mind that this type of wedding is much more laid back, therefore a ball gown will not fit in! Read on for more information on casual beach wedding dresses.


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Everyone's attire, including your own, will be more laid back and casual than a traditional wedding. However, don't worry, having a beach casual wedding dress does not mean that it is not beautiful and stunning! You will have plenty of different styles of wedding dresses to choose from, I am sure you will find one you love!

Casual beach wedding dresses are simpler in nature. The fabric tends to be lighter, and easier to move in. Many brides who are getting married at the beach choose dresses that are strapless or have spaghetti straps and dresses that would fall into the category of a slip dress. In general, you do not see long flowing trains and often you do not see veils either.

The reason is that this is a wedding outside in nature and all of its elements, including potential high winds. Neither a long train nor a veil would fare well if the winds picked up during the ceremony, and instead of chancing it, many brides opt not to use either option to avoid any kind of mishaps during the ceremony of while the photographer is at work!

Beach Casual Wedding Dress – Short Wedding Gowns

Getting married at the beach is a non-traditional wedding choice and so many brides also choose to wear non-traditional wedding dresses, including short wedding gowns that look more in place at the beach than in other wedding ceremonies.

Wedding Dress Shopping:

TB Dress

Short wedding dresses come in many different styles. You can find form-fitting dresses, a-line dresses, off the shoulder dresses, strapless dresses and more.

Short wedding dresses will allow you to move easier, there will be even less fabric so it will weigh even less and you will not need to worry about getting sand in the hem of the dress!

Beach Casual Wedding Dress – The Tea Length Wedding Gown

Does the idea of your dress not touching the sand appeal to you, but you do not like the idea of wearing such a casual dress to your wedding ceremony? Have you considered a tea length wedding gown?

This dress will meet both of these conditions. It will still look more like a “normal” wedding dress, except instead of going all the way to the ground, it will stop closer to your ankles. This will allow you to wear something a little more traditional while also showing off your fabulous wedding shoes!

Beach Casual Wedding Dress – The More Traditional Route

Love the idea of a beach wedding gown but not so keen on a short or slinky wedding dress? Thats okay too! They do make beach wedding dresses which are casual in their nature but still conform to some of the more popular wedding gowns like simple A-lines, floor-length gowns, trains(for those of you who cannot resist), and beautifully beaded or accented with pearls.

Beach Casual Wedding Dress – Going Casual

Many wedding dresses are more on the casual side that would be perfect for your beach wedding. You will have many choices including choosing sheaths, mermaid, and a-line dresses that are more form-fitting, made in lighter fabrics, and have more of a casual feel.

Beach Casual Wedding Dress – Adding Some Color

Since you are already open to a non-traditional style of wedding, you might also be looking for a little something different in the gown. You can choose to either wear a white dress with some color or you can forgo the white dress altogether.

You can stray from white a little with colors such as blush or pale pink or you can go all out with wedding dresses of color – red, blue, green, and more, the choice is yours.

Beach Casual Wedding Dress – The Accessories

Now that you have an idea on your beach casual wedding dress it is time to decide what to go with it, isn't it. We have already talked about trains and veils, but if not a veil, then what? There is of course the tiara. Tiaras can certainly complete the bridal look, adding a princess feel to the entire day! And who wouldn't feel like a princess wearing casual beach wedding dresses while marrying on the beach?

Tiaras come in both simple and elaborate styles; therefore it would not be difficult to find one to fall in love with as well as one that goes very well with the dress you have chosen. Dont want a veil or a tiara but you still want something to accentuate your lovely hair? Have you thought of trying a hair comb instead? They still look lovely and are certainly a wedding worth accessory, but they are not as over the top as some of the other choices can be. You can also use headbands, pins, and other hair accessories.

When accessorizing your wedding gown the last things you cannot forget are the shoes and jewelry. In general, if you are wearing a beach casual wedding dress, the shoes will probably be flip flops or sandals. You might also consider flats or wedges. Heels are probably to be avoided unless you are going to be on a platform the entire time while at the beach. You need to know how much sand you will be walking in before making the final decision.

Remember the theme here, just because it is casual, does not mean it isn't beautiful. You could opt-out of sandals or flip flops if this does not feel right to you, but if you do be sure to find appropriate shoes to wear on the beach which will not only be gorgeous but will also be comfortable and functional. 

As far as jewelry goes, simple is good, but it does not have to be super simple. Just make sure the jewelry adds to your look and does not overpower it. Your jewelry should help make your look complete, what it should not do is make everything else pale in comparison to its unique beauty.

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