Choosing the Right Bohemian Wedding Dress

Are you looking for the perfect Bohemian Wedding Dress? Bohemian wedding gowns are known for their unique style, you would probably like this fashion if you don't want your gown to be just like the traditional ones that you always see at all the other weddings.


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The bohemian style came into fashion in the early twentieth century. It is the result of bold thinking and an avant-garde way of life. It was originally named after the Gypsies who came from Central Asia, whose lifestyle and art became the epitome of the trend. It is one of the most persistent fashions in the generation.

What Does a Bohemian Wedding Dress Look Like?

Bohemian bridal dresses have unusual accents, bold colors, and unanticipated design. Usually, the dress is flowing, romantic, and matches the contours of your body. It can be sleeveless or even strapless, long or knee-length, and white or accentuated with different colors. You can have the look that you want on your wedding day with a little bit of glam.

What it is not is traditional. You will not find many all-white ball gown bohemian wedding dresses. A bohemian wedding dress is for the bride who wants to express who she is through fashion. She is not afraid to be different or to buck tradition. If you want to be yourself and choose a beautiful wedding gown that expresses who you are and what you love you will probably go this route.

There are different styles of the bohemian wedding dress that you can choose from. You can have it with or without sleeves, in a maxi form, or with a colorful design.

The sleeveless bohemian wedding gown is one of the sexiest gowns and it is not over-decorative. You can have it with a plunging neckline and a cinched waist if you want to. So if you think you want to wear a wedding gown which flatters your body on your wedding day then this is the gown for you.

A bohemian wedding dress with sleeves is elegantly beautiful with a little fanciful posture. You can design it with sleeves that will suit you, be it cap sleeves, bell sleeves, or even long sleeves. The fabric can be tulle, chiffon, or organza.

The colorful bohemian wedding gown is a tribute to Mother Nature. It is keeping away from the artificial world of factory-made colors and taking on the colors of nature. It can have a floral or leafy pattern that is not too structured and can be big or small depending on your preferences. And to complete your natural look, you can put some fresh flowers onto your hair.

A bohemian wedding dress in maxi form highlights the 'anything goes' attitude of the '70s. But it doesn't have to be dowdy and unappealing; you can emphasize the gown with frills and sashes. A good example of this is an empire waist full-length maxi dress which is designed with beads and laces.

You can never go wrong in choosing the right bohemian wedding gown, as long as you know what you want in a gown. You can choose your dress to be fun, flirty, beautiful, and glamorous at the same time; that's the beauty of the bohemian style. Step out of the traditional wedding dress and express your attitude with any one of the many bohemian wedding dresses available.

Bohemian Wedding Dress - Is It For You?

Look around at the photos on this page? Do they intrigue you? Do you see these wedding dresses and think 'I could never wear that' or are you thinking “That is exactly what I am looking for'?

At the end of the day, the decision is based on what you can see yourself wearing, walking down the aisle in, dancing at the reception in and the dress you imagine seeing on you in your wedding photos for you to look back at in the years that follow.

Some people only see themselves in traditional wedding gowns, and there is nothing wrong with that. If you follow societal norms and only love the traditionally accepted paths in life, bohemian may not be the fashion choice for you. Many woman have long pictured themselves walking down the aisle in an A-line wedding dress or a ball gown and if that is who you are – great! If you want to wear something like that maybe you would not love this style.

It is possible to marry the two, though. If you want to wear something with traditional accents but add something fun and colorful that is possible. You can use a colored sash or a wedding jacket. You could get a wedding gown with colored trim or extravagant accents. There are many ways to bring a piece of who you are into your wedding gown!

However, if you consider yourself unique, have no issue with fashion risks, and only care about pleasing yourself, this might be a path you want to further explore. Many wedding gowns fall outside of the norm, and they are all stunning in their uniqueness and fun and free fashion statement.

Bohemian Wedding Dress - Narrowing Down Your Options

How far are you willing to stray from traditional? You can get some romantic and fun wedding gowns that are close to traditional but have their own statements to offer with design, length, and accents or you can go as different as your dare with bright colors or over the top design elements. The choice is yours.

If you do go bohemian with your look, you may want to think about what family and friends will think. If you do not care – that is perfect. But if any little part of you cares about their reactions or is looking for approval, you might want to take your dress choices into account.

The other thing you might want to consider is that the dress is only one part of your wedding day. Will you carry the bohemian apparel over to other aspects like bridesmaid dresses or is your dress going to stand out as the only non-traditional part of your wedding?

Now it is time to think about the perfect wedding gown. What do you see? Is it white or does it have more color? Is it a black and white amazing creation or is it just accented with a little extra color and flair? Check out the dresses on this page to start your journey and go from there!

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