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The beaded wedding gown is a popular choice for brides everywhere, as this small embellishment can significantly add to the beauty of any wedding dress!


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Beaded Wedding Gown Inspiration Board

Many people start shopping for a wedding dress by the different silhouettes of the gown. The major silhouettes are – the A-line wedding dress, mermaid wedding dress, sheath wedding gown, and wedding ball gown. It is common to start with the most important item, and that is the silhouette, but the thing with wedding dresses is that each one is a mix and match of many different details, and putting them all together is what creates the perfect wedding gown!

Besides the silhouette, you have choices for the neckline, the hemline, the fabric, the waist, the back style, whether or not there will be a train, and of course, the embellishments.

The embellishments are the area that can totally change or transform one dress into another! Beading is the embellishment we are looking at today. Still, there are many other embellishments for bridal gowns, such as appliques, ruffles, pleats, lace, or draping. You will want to consider these things when choosing the perfect bridal gown!

The Beaded Wedding Gown - Sparkle and Shine

When people go to weddings, all eyes are on the bride. You might not want to add embellishments if you do not love the attention. However, if you bask in it, choosing a beaded wedding dress should be high on your priorities!

Beaded wedding gowns are beautiful and eye-catching. The beads catch the light and will add sparkle and shine to the bride, whether walking down the aisle or enjoying the dance floor!

If you like this idea but are still deciding, the good news is that you can search out dresses with a little bit of beading or are covered in beads! The choice is yours if you want this embellishment to be a small accent detail or the beads to count in the hundreds creating a dramatic wedding dress!

The Beaded Wedding Gown - This Embellishment Screams Glamorous

Another reason brides want beaded wedding dresses is because these extra shiny embellishments scream glamour and elegance. When shopping for your wedding gown, take the time to look at each dress, especially the ones you try on – what do they say to you? What if you were looking at a photo of another bride in that dress – what do you think of it?

Each dress is different; some are so different that they give off completely different perceptions. You can look at a dress and immediately think of words to describe it. Modern. Traditional. Rustic. Elegance. Stylish. Sparkle. Glamour. Minimalist. Unique. Bold. Fun. Daring. One of the beautiful things about wedding dresses now is that they are so different, and you can buy something to portray the look you are going for or showcase your style through your dress! So why not go for glamour with a beaded wedding gown?

The Beaded Wedding Gown - Femininity in a Dress

Another reason to choose beading for your wedding dress is the femininity it can bring to the overall look. The way the designer uses the beading in the dress can add a certain amount of femininity and charm to the gown.

Some dresses are full of beading, whereas others centralize embellishments to specific areas such as the bodice, the back, the straps or sleeves, or the waistline.

Beading can also create different styles and patterns on the skirt portion of the wedding dress. When you combine the gown's silhouette with the placement and amount of beading, you can see a dress portray things like romantic, delicate, or feminine. So if you want a dress to help you show your romanticism or your own femininity, this is possible with this type of bridal gown.

You can combine different styles like if you are getting married in the cooler months, you might be shopping for wedding dresses with sleeves, but you may still need to find a dress in this style with the beading you also desire. This goes for any style you want, like a beautiful lace mermaid wedding dress, a bohemian wedding dress, or a vintage wedding dress!

The Beaded Wedding Gown - Draws Attention To Specific Areas

One of the more practical reasons a bride might choose a beaded wedding gown is because the strategic use of beading on a wedding dress can draw your guests' eyes to a specific area of your body. This also means their eyes may be drawn away from a particular area!

You can choose gowns that draw attention to your waist, bust, arms, or back. Many brides prefer a dress that will accentuate or positively display their figure or draw eyes away from it to other areas, like having either a backless gown or one where the gown is adorned in beads or jewels.

Sometimes the beading is only used to look like a shiny bejeweled belt at the waist to draw attention to the waist, break the gown up instead of just one large colored flowing piece of fabric, or to help balance the overall look and feel of the dress itself.

The Beaded Wedding Gown - It Just Looks Amazing

There does not always have to be some super-specific reasoning behind choosing the dress we want to be married in. Sometimes the only reason is that the dress is simply amazing. If you need to talk yourself into why this dress is the one you want, read the above reasons. However, don't feel you need to justify your choice – wear what you want because you love it and it is your wedding day!

So take the time to look at the dresses on this page and wherever else you shop for wedding gowns and ask yourself if you really love them? Have you found the dress in which you can picture yourself walking down the aisle? What about the one you will be dancing in and talking to your guests all night. Finally, how do you think you will feel about that dress in years to come when you look back at your wedding photos?

If you love the dress, that is what matters – not if it makes you look glamorous, feminine, or elegant. Your opinion is the most important here. Take the time to listen to it!

The Beaded Wedding Gown - The Cons - It May Cost More

Like everything else in your wedding, where there are pros to an item, there are certainly cons. It is up to you to decide if you care about the cons of a beaded wedding gown or if they are important enough to change your opinion of a specific dress or the overall style.

The biggest con for this type of dress is the cost. Honestly, it is not only the beading but any extra embellishments that can significantly hike the wedding dress's price. It is understandable, though, as whenever you compare two items, one of them has more materials than the other, the one with more will usually reflect that in the price.

Besides the extra materials being used, you also have to consider the amount of extra time and effort used to apply each bead to the wedding dress.

In some cost comparisons, the price difference can be staggering; however, for the most part, you will still be able to find beautiful beaded wedding gowns in your price range. Even so, this is undoubtedly a con you must consider before moving forward! 

Other Beaded Wedding Gowns We Love

The Beaded Wedding Gown - Other Wedding Dress Options

Although the beaded wedding gowns on this page are beautiful, you may decide that they are just not for you or that you are not sure about the style of wedding gown you want to wear yet. That is fine – you should take your time in making this decision.

Be sure to check out our wedding dresses page for other options available such as short wedding dressesbohemian wedding dresseslace wedding dresses, or winter wedding gowns. Another way to look at many dresses quickly is to click on one of the photos on the page – they go to various wedding dress sellers online, where you can learn more about the photo you clicked on. Still, you can also check out hundreds to thousands of wedding dresses on their pages!

Think you can create your own beaded wedding gown? Watch this video to learn how to add your own beading to your wedding dress!

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