Medieval Celtic Wedding Dresses

Shopping For A Celtic Wedding Dress

What type of wedding dress are you wearing? Have you considered Medieval Celtic wedding dresses? I know, that is a very specific look and it is not something that fits in at every wedding. But there are certain types of wedding themes that this dress goes very well with. Of course the obvious wedding themes would be Celtic or Medieval which may not seem to be the type of weddings everyone has. However medieval Celtic wedding dresses fit very well into princess or fairytale themed weddings. If you are having a big affair in which you feel you are living a fairytale come true choosing a Celtic feel in your wedding dress might be the perfect choice. So, is a Celtic wedding dress right for you? 


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The fairytale wedding theme is becoming more and more popular. How it is celebrated and created does vary from couple to couple. However one of the more popular variations on the Fairytale wedding is to make the bride and groom as close to a prince and princess as possible, in every way. This would include the clothing they wear, the jewelry, the rings they exchange as well as the place they get wed. 

The place they get married in the Celtic Fairytale theme could either be a castle or a nice country home, a large place with lots of land, flowers, gardens and history. Did I mention that these types of weddings are not cheap? The Fairytale wedding is bringing back traditions and looks less modern, as if the couple stepped right out of the pages of a favorite fairytale. 

Of course the setting is important, but the apparel should not be ignored either. When wedding gown shopping, medieval Celtic wedding dresses should be considered. They are not modern by any means, but the look of the gown would add romance and beauty to the event. This type of gown usually has long draped sleeves, boned corset tops, long flowing skirts and lots of intricate details. 

Try to keep in mind that this is a more expensive wedding gown; it could easily run into the thousands. Usually medieval Celtic wedding dresses are made from much more expensive fabrics, the most popular being silk. You will also need to plan this purchase much earlier than other brides as these dresses are usually custom made, not found in your local wedding boutiques. So, are you getting a celtic wedding dress? 

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